Friday, April 13, 2012

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Sorry for my sudden absence lately. Life has been a bit hectic. Had some awful news that made me feel bad for a couple of days and a week later I had a tonsil infection. Almost had to go to the hospital because of that. I lied in bed for a week. Now I'm better and back in the running. So here are some pictures I made over the past (2) month.
New Zara boots. I love them!/The new Elle with a gorgeous Prada dress on the cover. I've got a great knock off from Romwe!
A bit vague, but this is my favourite jacket at the moment. It's from Asos and looks great with so many things.
A jacket I made from an old blouse. I've added the leather fabric and customized the inside to who I am.
We've also had some amazing weather a few weeks ago. I've got the first Dutch Vogue and read it in the sun while listening to some music.
Tried to made a sort of egg roll, but with spinach and feta cheese. It didn't really turned out as planned. How did I know that I had to use filo pastry instead of puff pastry? Anyhow, it did tasted good//My Dahlia collar with little pearls and Topshop mint green blouse.
One of the best parties from the last time. Steve Aoki was fantastic!
And as last, I've been to The Efteling last wednesday. Had a lovely day with my boyfriend.

9 comments: said...

Love those jackets!

Tippy said...

I love your detachable colar! Where did you get it?

Ness said...

I love the green jackets, it's amazing

the creation of beauty is art. said...

So many great photos! I love those boots and that pearl collar!

Miss Psycho Cat said...

Great pictures, zata boots are really nice :)

jennifer said...

your asos jacket is incredible! i love it. also your dog is really cute :)

i'm sorry things haven't been too great recently but glad to hear you're feeling better xxxx

Sadie said...

In love with the zara boots, they are AMAZING! Glad you're feeling better :) xx

el_martina said...

yellow blazer is amazing!

Unknown said...

I love the boots
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