Monday, September 22, 2008

Hello fall and goodbye summer!

So layering has started again! Since yesterday it's official fall and the weather is also very fall-ish. I wore my new cardigan today and my sandals that I haven't worn in a while. But that's because they give me blisters when I wear them without tigths.

Today wasn't really an exciting day. It's monday, so it's a new schoolweek. And monday is my least favorite day of the week. On monday the time always goes really slow. The day starts with working for yourself. Making patterns, making German/Dutch/English homework, learning for a test. That's till 12:35 pm and than we have a break till 1:20 pm. From 1:20 pm till 4:35 pm we have lessons. But what does is matter. I like school and everything is going well. The stupid thing of today is that I have a huge headache at the moment haha. For the rest I'm enjoying the nice weather and wearing my warm cardigans again.

Cardigan, H&M
Dress, Vanilia
Skirt underneath, Fornarina
Waistbelt, vintage
Dark blue tights, H&M
Sandals, Marc by Marc Jacobs
Grape necklace, vintage
Medaillon, gift from my father


Imelda said...

Heel leuke outfit!
en die schoenen zijn echt supermooi!

Q's Daydream said...

Cute!!! I love the skirt poking out from under your dress!

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

those shoes paired with those tights is a great combination!

second city penny pincher said...

i am so not happy that your belt is vintage...i want it!! SOOO cute!!! and loving the tights! i had no idea that H&M has em!

Sam said...

Thank you all ^^

Myy said...

What an adorable outfit! (I want those shoes)
Your blog is so lovely, by the way.

xoxo, Saorise

Anonymous said...

I miss you!