Thursday, December 18, 2008

What is happening

This isn't an outfit post, because I'm on the laptop now. I don't want to upload my photo's on the laptop. I've taken over 200 photo's, at The House of Viktor & Rolf! It was really fun, except when we walked to the trainstation. 2 girls were acting very childish against me. Just compare it to high school, then you maybe know what I mean. But the positive thing is of walking alone, you can walk in every store you want! And I discoverd beautiful shoes with A LOT of discount.. I know where I will be shopping when I have my money.. I would love to buy the Stella McCartney heels I saw.. And maybe also the Miu Miu pumps. They both were awfully cheap. Well.. Cheap.. Cheap for that beautiful brand!

My room is a BIG mess now! I don't have any wallpaper on my walls. The only furniture in my room is my bed and a little table with my tv on it. And it smells bad, because of the paint. But I think I have an excellent place to make outfit shots. So I will you show you my old outfit. And I will definitly show pictures when my room is finished! A 'before and after' post of my bedroom, perhaps? I do have pictures of my 'old' room.

I will pick out my carpet tomorrow. And I have a little confession.. I should actually go to school tomorrow, but I'm not going to. I'm tired and I've just had it for this year. I finished a lot, so it isn't such a big deal. So now I have my christmas holiday!! And a messy bedroom + attic. But this is it for now and I think my next post will be monday or tuesday. I'm almost off to a fabulous weekend and a cute room! And I'm a bit early with saying this, but.. Have a nice weekend!


Eli said...

good luck fixing up your room!

I'm trying to figure out why your dress in the post below didnt have the face like mine did

Anonymous said...

have fun fixing up your room. i hope it turns out nice :) and have a good weekend, too

Anonymous said...

Ben benieuwd naar je kamer en de foto's van het V&R museum! Damn! Ik wou dat ik daar heen ging!

Prettig weekend,
x Rebecca

Demi said...

hope your room looks fab when its done, I would love to see pics!
Glad you had a good time!

Angela said...

Hate it when people are immature :(

But it sounds like you had a great evening!!

Can't wait to see the pictures and hopefully..those heels! haha

Blauwe sokken said...

Een dagje 'spijbelen' mag best! ;)

Ben heeeel benieuwd naar je foto's!
Fijn weekend!