Monday, August 24, 2009

My fingertips are holding onto the cracks in our foundation

Not my today's outfit, because I'm spending the whole day in my pj's. Having a massive cold that I got when I was on Lowlands. Such such cold nights... Slept in long sleeves, a sweater, tights, shorts, a pair of thick socks and I was rolled up in my blanket. And I still was really cold! But photos of Lowlands are coming I think next week! I promise!

Not to forget you can still ask me questions in the post below! Don't be shy ;)
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Thank you again boyfriend, for making these photos!
Dahlia dress
Renée Sturme octopus necklace
Thrifted bow
H&M tights
Viktor & Rolf bag
Marc by Marc Jacobs peeptoe's

And now some random things I still had to show!

Acting crazy at Evi's place. Please don't ask
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This made me laugh so hard!
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Some of my most beautiful shoes
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New clothes rack! Third one already... Oeps?
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New lampshades!
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I would love to make a dress like this
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This girl really has something magical...

And again, you can still ask your questions below this post!


Rolfe Bautista said...

I love your photographs, they are very beautiful. :)

Anonymous said...

lovely as always :) it's amazing how you manage to meet up to your own high standards with each post. and i love your dog, by the way.

eednic said...

absolutely love this outfit! the dress, the necklace, the belt, the shoes! everything! very pretty!

Julia said...

I always visit here, but never comment... decided to do now, dont know why exactly.. lol! You take gorgeous pictures! Where are they, anyway? Just love your style, congrats for the blog!


Anonymous said...

wat ben jij leuk! en je blog is geweldig!

Ais said...

i love it when you smile in your pictures evi, you should do it more! : ) (i mean, in the pictures!)

Dodo said...

Love the shoes! And the doggy :]

Anonymous said...

Leuke outfit, vooral de schoenen!

Darrah said...

I love love love this outfit! Every single detail flows with the next. Very cute. I need to get a clothes rack to bring to school with me. NO closet... :(

Anonymous said...

Hele mooie peep-toes! Je jurkje is ook prachtig :)

Anonymous said...

you look lovely as always!



Anonymous said...

Great pictures - I love your dress.

heleen said...

Waw je riem maakt de outfit helemaal 'af' - echt goed gedaan!

casey said...

Absolutely love your outfit. The bright red shoes with the black tights is gorgeous!

I hope you feel better! Colds are lame. Just lay in bed, read a lot, and get a lot of vitamin c.

mice said...

your outfit looks really glorious! ^^
love that puppy! he is so adorable!

Clara Campelo said...

hey! great blog.
I will visit you often.
you are very stylish.
like the pattern of their clothing.


daisychain said...

everything about this outfit is perfect.

Ilse said...

fear the fuzzy! hihihi. leuke outfit!! enne, de mail komt eraan!! ik had intreeweek van m'n universiteit dus had niet echt de tijd voor m'n mailtjes enzo.

Mo said...

this outfit looks lovely !! and i looove your shoes !

Amy // The Girl In The Bowler Hat said...

I love your dress and shoes, ah, they're like perfect. How many shoes and clothes do you have?! I'm so jealous :D

xxxx (Suz) said...

wat een collectie! echt geweldige outfit. top jurk, ketting, schoenen, riem :). mooie kleurtjes!

Fannah said...

whoa, beste post ever ;) lovely outfit, een gek filmpje, meligheid, mooie foto's, en waar ik zo van hou: kleren-en-schoenen verzameling foto's!

I V Y said...

i love you vintage outfits and these are on of mt favourites. the dog is so cute!

The FourOhSeven said...

je ketting is super! en de jurk!

beterschap, geen last van mexicaanse griep symptomen?

Piglet said...

I love this outfit! The dress and belt are so pretty together.
And I laughed at Fear the Fuzzy! haha so cute.

Eyeliah said...

Your outfit is so seriously gorgeous, and ver cute video - glad you shared it. :-)

Raisa said...

Lovely Photographs. Love your dress & the octopus necklace. ;)

Miri said...

Awww your puppy is so gorgeous!!! Amazing shoe collection by the way =)

Anonymous said...

WOW Die pumps zijn echt prachtig =|

Caithlin said...

Your bf is quite the photographer now huh? :P That outfit is amazing! Everything matches perfectly. I immediately recognized the octopus necklace from Renee, I also buy some jewelry from her store every once in a while. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Lieve jurk!

Ben gister in Amsterdam gewest :D

Anonymous said...

Maakt helemaal niks uit joh, gezondheid gaat voor, dus ziek die kou er maar gauw uit ;)

Ik ben net mijn aankoopjes-post aan het schrijven! Heb bij de ILV boetiek een superlief rokje gekocht. En die tip heb ik van jouw blog, dus je hebt me in feite al geholpen.

Verder heb ik een geweldige jurk gekocht bij Divided en nog meer hele leuke dingen.

Zodra het artikel online staat, laat ik het je weten!

Leuk dat je kledingrekken hebt, lijkt me echt handig!

Anonymous said...

Ik wou net alle foto's uploaden maar Blogspot, Girlscene, PhotoBucket en zelfs TinyPic willen niet meewerken. Hopelijk lukt het morgen!


Little Bow Prep said...

Fab outfit!

The shoes are super cute!

Fashion Court said...

cute outfit, love your blog! xoxo

Kai said...

I'm so jealous of your gorgeous shoe collection! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Het artikel met mijn aankoopjes van Amsterdam staan online! Ben blij dat je vertelde over de ILV boutique, anders had ik mijn mooie rokje niet kunnen kopen!

kwinst said...

Leuke outfit weer! Ik hou er echt altijd van om naar een kledingrek te kijken of een rij schoenen, en dat van jou is echt super!

Dat liedje is leuke he van kate nash! Ik herkende meteen het stukje tekst haha!

Malu Keizer-Swartjes said...

I saw your post on fashionscene, in the 'favourite outfit' topic.. I LOVE the shoes you posted! Where did you get them? I hope here in the Netherlands:p


renéesturme/blog said...

Adorable outfit! Echt cute. En leuk om mijn ketting er in terug te zien!

Anonymous said...

This is my first time looking at your blog and I must tell you. You are the cutest thing ever! You wardrobe is what mine would look like if I had more money and your keen eye!!!

jennifer Jacobs said...

Als je dat jurkje ooit verkoop, hou ik me aanbevolen :)