Saturday, October 24, 2009

Again with the old outfits. Sorry!

Ooh, sorry with the lack of posts this month! It's horrible. I can't tell you how busy school is this school year. We have so many assignments. Here are the things I did today, yesterday and the day before yesterday:
  • Finishing patterns of a coat
  • Making the coat
  • Finishing patterns of a dress
  • Making a dress
  • Finishing patterns of a jacket
  • Finishing an English Assignment
  • Making a Dutch Assignment
  • Finishing an assignment from my fabric-knowledge class (2 assignments actually)
  • Making an assignment for another class (have no idea how I can translate it to English)
  • And as least studying for my economics class
Oh, I do like my vacation... I did all these things in 3 days. If I was at school while doing all those assignments, I would have been 2 weeks further. At the moment I'm more tired than last Friday before my vacation. Being an official adult is tiring... So due to all this busy-ness I didn't had the time to make photo's. I even didn't do my make up the past 2 days. I got lazy when it comes up to my looks this week. It was all about comfortable dressing! No heels, soft dresses, comfy scarfs. But tomorrow that all will be over! Well today already actually... Boyfriend and I will celebrate that we're together for over 1,5 year. So I need to get dressed up again, since he will take me somewhere and I have no idea of what it might be... I'm really curious right now.
I'll stop writing now. It's getting pretty late here. Where did my sleep go to? Oh, there it is. I just had to yawn.
Here are the outfits and hopefully till next week (if school didn't killed me in the meantime)!
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Wearing a vintage dress and bow and Miss Sixty waistbelt. This was somewhere in April.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This was at the beginning of September. Wearing a vintage shirt, leather shorts, waistbelt and bow and Bally heels.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Also at the beginning of September! Wearing H&M jacket, Laundry Industry dress, H&M tights and Emporio Armani heels!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Also from the beginning of September. Wearing a Dahlia blazer, Episode dress, vintage waistbelt, Fornarina half moon necklace and Stella McCartney pointy toe pumps.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Again September. Wearing a Steps blazer, vintage waistbelt and pants and Miu Miu pumps.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Somewhere in June I believe. Wearing an Anna van Toor cardigan, Fornarina top, vintage belt and bow, Ilovevintage birdcage necklace, a selfmade skirt, H&M tights and Mirror peeptoe's.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Also somewhere in June. H&M cardigan, vintage skirt that belonged to Evi, H&M lace tights and Bally platforms.
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And as last! Vintage dress and waistbelt and Dries van Noten heeled Sandals.

So, that are again a lot of old outfit! I'm going to try to make some new photos today. Hope everyone will have a lovely weekend!


ZEPETIT said...



Chantele Cross-Jones said...

Loving the blue and red outfit that is so cute!! Plus the half moon necklace and laundry industry dress. ALso your room is just so cute and sweet

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

Love your blue and red outfit. plus the half moon necklace and laundry service dress. Also your room is just so cute and sweet.

Marie said...

School is busy! Don't wear yourself out, hehe :)
Congratulations with you and your boyfriend! Have a great evening together :)
Lovely outfits!

Liset said...

Heel leuk allemaal! Ik vind je dries van noten pumps echt prachtig

Mo said...

woo you're so busy !!! enjoy your celebration evening !!!! (Suz) said...

die laatste vind ik lief, en die met de broek vind ik ook erg leuk! weer eens wat anders :)

yishyene said...

your outfit posts are always my favourite! xx


Je oude looks zijn ook leuk om naar te kijken ;)

Ilse said...

ohhh outfit nummer 2!! nu wil ik nog grager leren shorts haha

balen dat je het zo druk hebt hé! maar volgens mij is je studie wel rockasss!!!! ik doe psychobiologie en ik verveel me dood blegh. overmorgen een tentamen waarvoor ik nog 300 blz moet lezen + leren.. doe mij dan maar jurkjes en jassen maken :D

Fannah said...

Mooooie outfits weer :) jij ook zo druk? Ik heb vakantie nu, maar zoveel te doen..

Ik droomde trouwens dat ik met jou en je ouders en mijn ouders op skivakantie ging :p heeeel raar. ik heb altijd van die nonsense dromen..

Helen said...

i love the 3rd to last outfit, so cute

Cristina Lopez Pancorbo said...

Great outfits!! lovely naïve look...soooooo vintage looking!

Tanya said...

Again September. Wearing a Steps blazer, vintage waistbelt and pants and Miu Miu pumps

Geweldige outfit! Staat je echt super!!


Anonymous said...

Jiij hebt echt hele mooie vintage jurken!

En die broek staat je ook super ;)

Succes met school!

The High Heel Times said...

Lovely outfits, can't stop loving your wardrobe ;)

Anouk said...

Oeh, die miumiu schoenen!
Leuke outfits!

Caithlin said...

You totally made up for the lack of updates hahaha :D I love the outfit with that steps blazer and vintage pants!

Anonymous said...

I like your blog! En de vintage broek die je aan hebt met de Miu Miu pumps is echt heel mooi!

Eli said...

I love your outfits,

but I just want to say that I love your hair in the first photo, it's so cute curly like that!

Chloë, Wardrobe Quarry said...

I like the third outfit the best and I am in love with those blue tights.

Suze said...

ah wat ben jij cool zeg
en al die designer schoenen! wat a dream. ik vind die strappy bally's echt heeeerlijk!
supertof :D

Mariska said...

Super leuk stijltje heb je!

Corinna said...

great outfits! my favourite is the last one!