Sunday, October 11, 2009

An interview with... Ilse!

So finally, a very long time later than planned due to some problems and lack of time, a new interview!! I couldn't wait to show it, so that's why I was frustrated I barely had the time to post it. This girl's style is marvelous. And she's so pretty too! Plus she has a funny sense of humor that I really like, haha!

Tell us something about yourself
my name is Ilse, I'm a seventeen year old Dutch girl and I live near Amsterdam. I love fashion, music, photography, art and (last but not least) chocolate! I'm going to Amsterdam university this year to study psychobiology. In my spare time I work at a jewelry store. Someday I would like to open an online jewelry or clothing store.

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What does fashion and beautiful clothes mean to you?
Fashion and clothes are a way to express myself. It's something I can put my imagination and creativity in. Therefore it plays quite an important role in my life.

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How would you describe your personal style?
I don't think I have a specific style. it depends on my mood. however, I do like to come up with a little story and make an outfit out of it. something like: once upon a time there was a young student living in Amsterdam. she roamed through town on her rusty old granny bike all day long. she had lunch with beautiful strangers in the park, together with some cheap white wine, which she spilled on her vintage floral dress. her fake golden necklaces tinkled against each other when she stepped on her bike again. she was barefoot, the laces of her high-heeled studded boots were tied onto the handlebar. she biked through the day, and returned back home in her tiny but cosy apartment, with the sunset in her back. she was welcomed by her boyfriend with some green tea and homemade cupcakes. he took off the blazer she borrowed from him. they watched arthouse films on the baroque couch all night. and they lived happily ever after. At the end of the story I am completely dressed.. most of the time.

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Which item in your closet couldn’t you live without?
The way I treat most of my clothes can be called quite blunt. But there are a few items I am very careful with: a H&M floral skirt which I always wear to make me feel happy. The blue suede Topshop heels my boyfriend gave me. And a cream boyfriend blazer I bought at New Look in London. Those items mean a lot to me.

For what piece of clothing that hangs in your closet, do you feel the most ashamed of?
I own a piece of granny underwear.

For when I feel like acting like Bridget Jones, eating an entire can of B&J on my own and watching sad movies. Although the Jones undie beats mine when it comes to the granny factor, haha! Mine's not that big.
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Do you often have miss-buys (miskopen) or do you wear everything you buy?
I am easily tempted by low prices. I often come home with something that was cheap, but unwearable. I am working on that nasty habit though!

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Did you ever have the feeling you wanted to fit in as for clothing, because you don’t look like the average person you see walking on the street?
I actually feel uncomfortable whenever I am 'averagely' dressed. It just doesn't suit me. Although I don't like using the term 'average'. I think everyone has his or her own personal style.

Did you ever had unpleasant comments on your clothing, and if so, how did/do you deal with it?
I don't care about what people say of my clothing. Some people say I'm a tramp, other people think I dress too old-fashioned. Hello, contradictions? I can't take that seriously. So I don't :)

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Maybe tips for the people who want to wear their own style, but are afraid?
People who bulge with mean comments about your style, are often very insecure about their own style and just say nasty things to make themselves feel better. I wouldn't care about them if I were you. I felt a lot better and more confident when I started wearing the things I liked. Stay true to yourself and your style, because you're the one wearing it.

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What is your favorite trend right now?
The dark, punky-gothic trend of this fall. I have been waiting for something like this for ages, I like it so much!

Which trend do you think is awful?
The huge-sized lips of the models from Alexander McQueen's show kind of scared the hell out of me. I hope it's not gonna become some sort of hype.. huuuuw

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Do you have a fashion-icon? Or a website where you get inspiration?
I don't have a specific icon. My interests change by the day. I do look at blogs, lookbooks and foreign magazines a lot. Oh and I admire Vivienne Westwood. and Rei Kawakubo. Kate Lanphear. Yves Saint Laurent. Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin. redheaded artists like Florence + Machine and A Fine Frenzy. They are so mindblowing!

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What would you never, but then also never wear on the fashion area?
I won't be wearing furry tops soon again. They used to be fashionable back in the days. I used to own a purple one when I was about ten years old. Purple Pino coming your way, rawr!

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Is there something you would like to say to the people who read this?
I hope you enjoyed my chats about Pino and Bridget Jones-style undies. Have a nice day and continue reading Sam's blog, she's wonderful (despite her shoe collection being so enviable, haha)!
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I did enjoyed the chats about Pino and Bridget Jones-style undies, haha. And I'm almost sure you readers did also, right? And don't forget to take a look at Ilse's blog!


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Yay! Tof interview, Ilse's blog is 1 van mijn favorieten!

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Her style really is great!

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wauw wat een gave stijl, deze ga ik zeker 'opslaan' in mijn favorieten om me erdoor te laten inspireren : )

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