Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas vacation

Today (well, actually since yesterday afternoon secretly) my Christmas vacation started! All the things I had to do for school are done and my stress is completely gone. I'm feeling really relaxed.
It started snowing from Wednesday on Thursday night and all the snow looks so pretty, but it's a pain in the behind when you have to travel. There was in total 678 (I believe) km of traffic. One of the most busiest days on the road ever. And travelling by train or bus wasn't so pleasant either. Almost all my trains were delayed with 30 minutes or more. That's why I went home earlier, so I wouldn't had all these problems in the evening when it was more busy with people.

But Evi will be here today and the rest of the weekend! Will be going to Amsterdam just like every year to make a photo in front of the big Christmas tree at De Dam. Photo's will come after the weekend!

Now I'm going to post today's outfit and I'm going to be busy with making a dress for myself ^^
Have a nice weekend everyone!
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Warm knee socks to keep my legs warm ^^
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Anna van Toor cardigan
Self-made dress
Ilovevintage birdcage necklace
Bonnie Doon knee highs
Fornarina heels
Vintage bow

Christmas has also finally arrived in my dad's house!
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This is what I saw yesterday morning.
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Sorry that it's so blurry
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And here some of my most favourite things of the moment
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Diana said...

I love this whole outfit, and that little coat in the background is so cute!

Liset said...

Leuke outfit en foto's!

Corinna said...

i love your dress, I've been wanting to make one like that for ages!

jennifer Jacobs said...

Je jurkje is echt heel erg leuk! Jou kledingrek komt die toevallig van de ikea ? zoja is die een beetje stevig ? bij mij beginnen de pootjes door te zakken haha.

Maar fijne kerstdagen alvast!

Andrea said...

Beautiful Outfit :)

Malicious said...

Rode lippen staan je heeel mooi!

Die overknees zijn echt beautiful!

Anonymous said...

ik ben vooral heeeeel erg verliefd op je cardi en die ketting is too cute to function ;)

xoxo uit nijverdal!

Dodo said...

Really cute dress! :)
& echt fijn dat alles weer rustig is. :) Ga je denk je nog van studie veranderen?

Anonymous said...

Dat jurkje dat je draagt vind ik toch zooo prachtig. En hou je ook van LOTR? haha

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

cute outfit!
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Marina Siero said...

lovely dress :)

Sootjeelina said...

Like it!
I realy love that shoes (last picture).. <3

xoxo Sootjeelina

Kellie said...

Your outfit is adorable! :D I need to make some hairbows like yours!

Ia said...

Oh, my. You are real cute!

Little Bow Prep said...

Lovely post!

That purple ornament is gorgeous!

Marleen said...

Wouw geweldige outfit!
Bij ons in Friesland lag er,
wel meer dan een halve meter sneeuw! Je blog is trouwens,
geweldig. Ik volg!

Gracie said...

i love your dress! Your outfit is lovely! xx

tdw said...

lovely shoes
news on

It sleeting in France, come to see that :)

Anonymous said...

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Laura said...

Hi! I absolutely love your dress! Do you use a pattern when you sew your dresses or do you just do it?

Fleur said...

Love your necklace

Analisa said...

I love all these pictures! Your dress & necklace are so cute!

anonymous girl said...

Happy Holidays. you have a wonderful wardrobe there in the background. and i wish you success with your fashion design.

Anonymous said...

geweldige oplossing om die sokken over je panty te dragen en het staat mooi! fijn dat alles nu af is en de stress weg is. genietse van je vrije dagen, de sneeuw, je familie, de lampjes, de lekkere dingen en de gezelligheid!

Unknown said...

Thats such a cute necklace!

Letizia Luijs said...

I really love everything you wear!
Especially those adorable dresses..(:

Fashion Insanity said...

Cute outfit!! Die strik in je haar en schattige ketting maken het helemaal af!! Super!

77235 said...

Love the jacket!

Geniet van je vakantie

Anonymous said...

i love everything about your outfit: the dress, the bow, the necklace. awesomeness!!!!!

Dylana Suarez said...

I love all the outfits!

Sam said...

Thank you all so much for the sweet and kind comments!^^

@ Jennifer Jacobs
Dankje! En ja, mijn kledingrek komt bij de Ikea vandaan! Het is heel erg stevig, dus geen angst voor doorzakken =p

@ Sharon
Haha, dankje. En dat is van Mean Girls, haha x]

@ Dodo
Merci ^^ En dat is idd fijn. Ik ga deze opleiding nog afmaken trouwens, want ik wil mijn diploma, daarna wil ik er een jaar tussen uit. Gewoon mijn eigen ding doen en daarna aan HBO beginnen!

@ ED
Dankje!^^ Ik ben er ook nog steeds erg blij mee na een jaar. En ik houd zeker van LOTR ^^

@ Laura
Thanks! And I only make things with patterns. I also make the patterns myself!

@ Japke
Dankje, dankje!^^ En ik ben ook erg blij dat de stress weg is ^^ Mijn dagen worden nu ook gevuld met lui zijn, in mijn pyjama zitten en kerstmuziek luisteren ^^

Laura said...

your dress is so pretty, i want it! and you have so many different shoes, i see a different pair nearly everytime i look at your blog haha. but thats not a bad thing! x

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore your dress! I scrolled down to the bottom especially quickly to see where I could find it and saw that it was self-made by you! So well done; it looks splendid. Cheers :)