Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The sky is blue and all clear

It's so nice to see a blue sky again. It was raining non stop the past weeks. Yesterday morning it was sunny, but in the afternoon it got cloudy again. It's almost like the sky is the same as my mind. The past weeks when it was raining I was stressed non stop. And yesterday evening I decided I was not going to turn in an assignment this week, just because I can't make it. It's too much for all the things I want to do and suddenly it all felt clear. Today I woke up very relaxed. Haven't had that feeling for a long time. My mind is all clear, just like the sky! Even depressing songs like Russian Roulette from Rihanna can't take that feeling away (that song is on mtv right now).
Though I must say that I can see it on my skin that I was so stressed. It's full of red spots. Hopefully it's away soon.

But now I have to go! Have to get my train at 12:20. Why does school start so late? I have to turn in an assignment and I have another test for economics! Blegh, I hope it will go well.
I'm going to post my outfit later on the day! Just don't have the time for it now. Good day everyone and hopefully till tonight!

P.S. I haven't even finished my tea yet!!


Ellie said...

Don't worry about girls "bitching" about... you're pretty and girls hate pretty, if it's no them =]

btw.. may I mention you on my blog? I find your fashion sense quite unique =]

Fashionisaparty.com (Suz) said...

die toets heb je waarschijnlijk nu wel gehad, maar toch succes :)

Malicious said...

Ben benieuwd:D!


Imogen said...

Good luck with your economics test.