Tuesday, April 6, 2010

There's nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm

So since I'm busy with my blog today, I thought 'why not post something new?'. I made some photo's this weekend, since I had the time. I've had a lovely weekend and for Easter I went to my grandmother with the rest of the family for lunch!
After lunch my dad, me and a friend went to Amsterdam and I got a new coat from Sonia Rykiel! I'm truly in love.

But here are the outfits I wore the past 2 days. By the way, my English sucks at the moment. Please don't pay attention to it.
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H&M cardigan
River Island lace skirt (one of my purchases I made a few weeks ago)
American Vintage shirt
H&M dotted tights
Claire's headband
Sonia Rykiel coat
Topshop platforms

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Topshop lace dress
Zara pants
My mom's scarf
Ilovevintage.nl owlnecklace
Marc by Marc Jacobs bag
River Island booties (also one of the purchases I made in Amsterdam)

I love to make odd faces this weekend, haha. And here are some wedges I got from my mom because I got some amazing marks at school! She was so proud, haha. So sweet!
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Andrea said...

Nice Outfit!!

Time and Space Traveler said...

You look lovely!

electricsbubbles said...

Beautiful look! I like it ^^
I love your hair *_*


inez said...

dat topje en schoenen van de eerste en die rozejurk zou ik zo graag ook willen.

Anonymous said...

Geweldige outfit en de lay-out ziet er heel mooi uit!
Heel vintage, net als je stijl =)

Maria Confer said...

All your looks are gorgeous Sam.

Lulu Letty

Angela Pluck said...

love those topshop boots!!!

Mo said...

what a beautiful coat !

The High Heel Times said...

I'm glad you do such posts again!
Nice ensembles again, your new shoes are cute!

Fräulein Luise said...

Beautiful outfit, I also like the bow in your red hairs!

Anonymous said...

Je jas is zoooo mooi <3

Inés said...

love all the outfits,and love the shoes,they are wonderful!

Inés said...

love all the outfits,and love the shoes,they are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

i like the colour the scarf brings to that outfit. and those river island boots are now very much wanted by me.

ps nice to see you posting again.

Marmelindela said...

Wouw! Ben blij dat je weer terug bent. Wat is er met je hemelse lay-out gebeurd?

Je jas is te beeldig voor woorden. En je haar! Ligt het aan mij of is het snel gegroeid? Mooi mooi mooi!

Fear is a Dirty Word said...

These are adorable! I just found your blog like a week ago and was disappointed you weren't posting, I can't wait to see more!

Sadie's Wardrobe said...

I absolutely adore your coat!! And the lace on your cardigan :).

I always look forward to seeing your outfits - they're so well put together!


Maria said...

Superleuk dat je weer schrijft! En je outfits zijn weer een plaatje. Vind die river island schoenen fantastisch en ben ze vandaag meteen gaan passen, maar ze staan jou toch een stuk leuker. Maar ik vind ze zo mooi, twijfel heel erg of ik ze niet toch zal kopen. Maar ik ben niet zo creatief als jij, dus het is de vraag hoe te combineren. Heb jij misschien tips? :-)


omg i love the first shoes, i have wanted to have them for a soooo long time!!

Liset said...

Super dat je weer blogt! :D Hele leuke outfit ook

Siel said...

titel inspired by candyman van christina aguilera ?

Chocolate and Cognac said...

Oh so pretty, I really love the first one!


Bunny Ears said...

die zalm wedges zijn super vet! hoe hoog zijn die?

Nikki said...

I love the first outfit and your new wedges! :)


moded'amour said...

heel mooi!!

Mirjam said...


iliketweet said...

Love the first look, it's wonderful!

Fancy exchanging links?

tweet tweet tweet


Ruxandra said...

I am glad you're back.You look absolutely adorable:)You inspire me to wear dresses and skirts.Which i will starting this Sunday.

Sam said...

Thank you all so much for the lovely and sweet comments! =]

@ Marmelinda
Haha, dank je! En ja, mijn layout... Mijn andere layout had problemen met photobucket, dus het zag er allemaal echt fucked up uit. Helaas. Nu druk bezig om een andere te zoeken!

En nogmaals dank je wel ^^ Mijn haar wordt idd langer!! Ben daar echt blij mee =D

@ Fear is a dirty word
Aah, thank you so much and I'm glad you still started to follow me, even though I was on a break ^^

@ Sadie's Wardrobe
Thank you so much lovely! It means a lot that you say that, because you're one of my favorite bloggers!

@ Maria
Ooh, late reactie, excuses! Maar dank je wel! =D dat is erg lief van je ^^ En over het combineren ik trek ze eigenlijk overal wel bij aan. Boyfriend jeans, jurkjes, rokken, pantalons, ga zo maar door =] Zolang de kleurencombinatie er maar goed uit ziet vind ik. Heb ze zelfs gedragen met een rode bloemen jurk, de H&M stippen panty en kanten jasje. Wat ik normaal doe is een outfit aantrekken en dan die schoenen erbij om te kijken of het staat. Hopelijk had je hier wat aan!

@ Siel
Mais oui! Na 3 jaar blijft dat nummer nog altijd een van de beste nummers naar mijn mening!

@ Bunnyears
Uuh, ik geloof 11 cm, maar ze lopen heel makkelijk!

Little Lost Treasures said...

The first outfit is just adorable! they are both super cute but the first one is my favorite. And that coat is STUNNING!

superumi said...

HI *waves*
I'm a new reader :)

the coat is so amazing. I love it!!

aujourd'hui said...

It's such a good idea to put your cardigan into your skirt.
I really thought it was a little dress.

hannah, heart city said...

reminds me of alice in wonderland... esp with your bunny hiding back there. such a cute girly dress :)

Cindy Van Dyck said...

Hay girl!
It's my first time on your blog and I really love it! You have a great style!

- Please check mine too!

Imelda said...

Supersupersuper mooie jas! Ik ben zo een grote fan van Sonia Rykiel he!

Cily said...

I just love the first outfit with the cream coat and the black bow!! beautiful!! ;)

Rosanna said...

im so in love with your shoes!


Kat said...

geweldig! eindelijk iemand met een eigen stijl (: