Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Instagram // life

Tonight I'm busy editing some new outfit shots! Really need to try to make at least 2 outfit shots a week. Anyhow, just to keep you busy here are a shitload of instagram photo's I made the post months.
Selfmade skirt. Pure love, I'm telling ya! There's almost nothing better than pure silk.
New 'crack' nailpolish in white and gold // Grandfathers watch and Asos bracelet
Topshop shoes and bare legs // the view from the roof from my work
The pets Eddy and Odie
Sitting at the 'beach' at a festival called 'Symphonica Electronica' // Boemklatsch at Bevrijdingsfestival (liberation day) Utrecht
Some left over sushi for lunch // strawberry's with nutella
Asos earrings // Rare bustier and Asos mint chiffon skirt
Topshop necklace and Zara jacket // On my way to Utrecht wearing a Topshop swan print skirt
Young the giantBoek
Young the Giant at Tivoli Utrecht // my shoes in a book I'm reading

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Ruby And Siel said...

Wauw, die zelfgemaakte rok van jou is echt prachitg! Ik zou hem zo kopen in de winkel :)

Fifties Darling said...

Ja ik zou die rok ook zo kopen, heel erg mooi!

Esmay said...

Oh yum, aardbeien met nutella!
En die rok is prachtig!

Berni and Pauli said...

Those shoes are to die for! Especially for pint size girls like me. Send our regards to Eddy. He seems to be working too hard, poor thing.

Porselein said...

heel mooi je rok en ook de stof, prachtig! waar heb je die stof vandaan?

Laia said...

Yay for the festivals and the swan print skirt! ;D

The FourOhSeven said...

ik was ook bij Young the Giant in Utrecht! Fijn bandje