Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Killer Halloween

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For the first time ever I needed to do something for Halloween. So I asked my boyfriend for help and he gladly wanted to do it. So with his gasmask and my new tartan dress and boots, I thought I had a 'killer' look. So off we went and made these pictures in the middle of the night in his house. We really had a lot of fun making these pictures, especially the ones in the bathroom. My hands smelled like ketchup so bad afterwards. 

Anyhow, I hope you're having an awesome Halloween and even though I'm not celebrating it, I sure am going to watch some scary movies (or just only The Walking Dead). 


Eline said...

Deze foto's zijn zo tof! Ik kan me voorstellen dat het leuk was om ze te maken :)

Sammie said...

wow these photos are scary as hell,they could easily be making publicity for a spooky movie.especially because of that gas mask.

Ruby And Siel said...

Het ziet er scary but pretty epic uit! Leuke jurk trouwens ook!
Wat bedoelde je met dat je iets 'moest' doen?

Sam said...

Thanks guys!

@ Ruby and Siel
Dank je! En dat ik het gewoon niet kon laten ;) Ik moest het gewoon doen, want anders zou het me gaan dwars zitten, haha.

Ness said...

Waw, those pics are so great!
Good job

Anonymous said...

Haha wat een goede foto's.
Ik vind Halloween zo stom en word echt niet goed van alle blogposts die ik tegen kom over halloween...
Behalve deze. Ik moest echt lachen (in positieve zin).

Anonymous said...

This looks so cooooool! Amazing job, well done :) happy Halloween!

X Rosann

Unknown said...

Wauw, heel eng en heel gaaf! Wat een gave foto's!

perfect hippie said...

Ah very scary! Maar zeker toepasselijk. Erg tof!

Inge said...



Wauq! So creepy (in a good way)! Super!
With love,


n e w b l o g |

Sarah said...

Wat een coole foto's!

Katie said...

This is actually amazing! I love it so much!!!! A proper halloween costume x

(I also posted my halloween costume on my blog too though it's not as good as yours!)

Unknown said...

This is so awesomely scary! I love how creepy these pictures turned out. Great costume!

Jill said...

Wow gave foto's ! Mooie Jeffreys ook! said...

Heel erg gaaf. Scary sfeer heb je gecreƫerd.