Friday, October 24, 2008

Hello, I'm Sam and I'm a shoe-aholic

So I bought 3 new pairs of shoes. Boots actually. It's getting cold and I prefer boots more then. And without a high heel. I was so glad when I found the red pair! I've been looking for red boots for ages. I actually wanted vintage boots, but what does it matter. They're red and I love them. The black shiny ones are from the H&M. Normally I won't buy shoes from the H&M, only when I need flats or something. But I couldn't let them there. They needed a home and a big family. Okay, that are some excuses. And I'm not going to listen to it. And the third pair...? Well, they're actually from my mom. But I just love them also.

I also bought some other things, but I'll post that later


Anonymous said...

I also thought about buying the pair in the middle :).

Anonymous said...

Geweldige schoenen!

xx Rebecca

Yulan said...


Anonymous said...

Wauw die rode boots zijn écht ubertof! Mag ik vragen waar je ze weghebt?:$

En ook je kapsel vind ik echt gewéldig!

Anonymous said...

Die eerste zijn echt moooi!

Sam said...


@ Anoniem
Ik heb de rode bij Le Ballon vandaan

saamielola said...

Ik zie dat je 97 paar schoenen hebt en nu is mijn vraag : draag jij dan elke dag een ander paar of kop jij ze gewoon voor de fun?

En oh ja, ik vind je haar hartstikke mooi.