Thursday, October 9, 2008


There are some weird people out here... I went home with Willeke and we went with the train. As usual. The train was shorter than normal, so we had to stand, because it was incredibly busy. So we were standing, nothing unusual, than some guy was eating like a pig! He was spilling everything. His bread, his yoghurt, his soda... He even threw his half empty cup with yoghurt away on the ground! And some guy said something to him, because he though it wasn´t normal. I mean, it isn't normal! And the guy was freaking out! He said: 'I'm in Holland, man! This isn't my country, so you Dutch people can clean my mess, man! I'm paying this ticket for the train and I can do what I want, you know what (jeweetoch!')'. And so go on. It was really weird and even a bit scary... The guy was just freaking out and he was incredibly pissed! He even spilled his soda all over my boots. The asshole... I'm glad I wasn't my MJ's, because my feet hurted. I walked all day on them at school. But the guy was also saying: 'You're acting like this because I'm black! You're stupid white guy and you don't like me, because I'm black! I'm nigga!' With the little mistakes also.

I mean, come on. Act normal! He was talking 'street language'. And with an enormously big accent. I have nothing against people who have a dark skin, a light skin or a whatever skin. I mean, even when you're blue I wouldn't have anything against you. But this is just... Not normal. People were even frightened because of him. But when you live here in The Netherlands, than I just think you have to talk normal. Without that stupid accent and talk normal. Okay, Dutch is a hard language, but you CAN learn it. And you can also learn it without the stupid accent. It just sounds ridiculous. If you're living in an other country, you have to respect the habits there. You have to respect the other people. But don't think I discriminate him now, because I'm not! Every one is equal. I just can't stand this kind of behaviour and it's antisocial.

A couple of years ago, this boy, he was Muslim, yelled at me: 'Go to your own country!'. Where do you think I am?! Like I said, when you are going to live in an other country, you have to respect the people there and the culture.

But now my outfit, finally haha. I wore my new Cherry Sue dress.
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Cardigan, Vanilia
Dress, Cherry Sue
Waistbelt, Wella Warenhaus
Tights, Steps
Peeptoe's, M by MJ


Anonymous said...

The dress looks like it's made for you!

Yulan said...

argh, ik ben echt allergisch voor dat soort mensen. denken dat ze alles kunnen maken!
je jurkje is leuk!

Imelda said...

Je outfit ziet er weer super uit, zoals steeds!
en jeetje, wat een mensen bestaan er toch op de wereld. Daar zou ik dus ook echt niet tegenkunnen he!

tessa said...

The effect of the red belt on the polka dots is stunning!

Anonymous said...

I realy love that dress Ö

Sam said...

Thank you all!^^

Anonymous said...

Great dress! The outfit is really awesome!