Sunday, October 19, 2008

200th post and finally finished the dress

So this is already my 200th post. Man, that's a lot. Well, now I'm going for the 300th posts! Haha. But I finally finished the dress I wanted to make! Maybe you remember. Here you can see which one if you can't remember. So I didn't made it in the fabric I bought for it, but in an other fabric I bought last thursday. I was in this cute little store, to buy some wool. I want to learn how to knit! That's going to be a hard task. But the day before yesterday I was the whole day through sewing. Gosh, what was I tired at the end of the day. The dress came out really nice and because of the print of the fabric, the dress looks a bit vintage.


Anonymous said...

Héél mooi! Echt! Ben benieuwd hoe hij staat als je hem aan hebt! :D

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Op naar de 400 posts!

Wederom een prachtige jurk. Wil al je zelfgemaakte kledij wel hebben!

xx Rebecca

renéesturme. said...

geweldige print & mooi model jurkje! kan zijn dat ik dezelfde print ook een keer gekocht heb.

Anonymous said...

DAMN! je moet echt jurkjes gaan verkopen ofszo! ik zou er meteen 1 kopen! ;)