Tuesday, December 16, 2008

November outfit

Kind of forgot to post this outfit... And since I don't have an outfit shot for today, I will use this one! (And I recycled one of my old outfits). And here are some things I want to say:
  • I'm addicted to my new book, called 'Stravaganza, city of secrets'. I started saturday in it and I'm already at page 146.
  • I'm sick of school. We have to finish everything this week, even though we still have 2 weeks after the christmas holiday. What can we do then? Staring at a wall?
  • I'm very uninspirationless lately. I can't come up with any fun outfit. Too many clothes perhaps?
  • I had to run to my train (in heels), so I wouldn't miss it and I would be home earlier. Was my other train delayed with 15 minutes.
  • Every morning when I wake up and it's still dark, I have the feeling that it's still in the middle of the night and that I can sleep for another 4 hours. I wish.
  • My room is going to be a BIG BIG mess the next couple of days. I'm going to change it. New wallpaper, new floor, new bed, new everything! Can't wait!
  • I won't be able to post anything this weekend, because my dear friend Evi is here then! Yay! That means a LOT of fun.
  • I'm buying dresses that will fit to my new room... Not because I like them. Weird? I think so. But that isn't a problem actually. I still love my dresses. Even if I just bought them for my upcoming new room. Here is an example and I DO love that dress!
  • I'm out of my I-wanted-to-something-subjects.

And now the outfit. I'm actually not so fond if this outfit...

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Cardigan, H&M
Dress, Fornarina
Necklace, WE
Tights, H&M
Boots, Fornarina
Bow, Six


Allie said...

Really? You don't like this outfit? I think the green boots add a nice quirk :)

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

I think its a lovely outfit! The cardigan is pretty and I like your green boots! :) Have fun redecorating your room!

Anonymous said...

why? why don't you like it? its adorable. i love the plaid and the green boots. so cute :)

Toni said...

those green boots are fabulous! i want to steal them. haha! and i love all of your old outfit posts. some are very cute!


Emilie White said...

i love that cardigan and the GREEN BOOTS!!!

Qwest85 said...

You always look perfect!!! :o) I love that dress!!!!!!! and the boots

Q's Daydream said...

that last one was me!!! hehe

Cammila said...

That mustard colored cardi is delightful! And the boots are perfect with it.

Anonymous said...

City ofsecrets is echt een heel mooi boek! Je hebt ook nog drie delen daarvoor (Weet niet of je dat wist? Ze heten, City of masks, City of stars en City of flowers. Ook echt heel leuk!) En je laarzen zijn helemaal geweldig ;)
Ps: Linken?

www.janetteria.com said...

Hi Sam,

Lovely outfit! I adore your green boots, I want it! Haha!

kisses: Janet

beckylou said...

tis nochtans een hele leuke outfit,
mooie herfst-kleuren
oh en voor die zelfgemaakte strikjes
ik zal het anders uit leggen in men volgende post
dit zal wel pas vrijdag zijn want nu heb ik veel werk voor men examens + ik ben ziek
bah :S

beckylou said...

oh en ik kan niet geloven dat ik je nog niet had gelinkt!
nu wel dus!

Sam said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments! And no.. I'm not so fond of this outfit x] But I am of the dress and boots! No worries

@ Julia
Ja, die delen had ik ook al gelezen! Toen ik het 4e deel toen ook in de winkel zag liggen, moest ie ook direct mee!

Anonymous said...

Die outfit is hartstikke leuk!!

Ben benieuwd naar je kamer :D

xx Rebecca

Blauwe sokken said...

Ik ben heeel benieuwd naar je nieuwe kamer! Maak je foto's? :)

En wauw dit vind ik echt een van de leukste outfits die je tot nu hebt laten zien!

Anonymous said...

Perfect mix of colors! I really like the green boots with the yellow cardigan!

chelsea said...

What is there not to be fond of? The detail on the sweater and those beads are darling. I love the green boots in there too. All in all I say this one is a winner.
And please post a bunch of pictures of your new room, I know it will be fabulous!

essenceanddesire said...

I love the green boots!


In-tree-gue said...

The plaid dress is really cute

Anonymous said...

Your cardigan is ace!

Thumbelina said...

Why hello!!
I just want to say first and foremost, thank you!!! You always make me smile, and it was so wonderful to read your comment on my first post back--your such a sweetheart <3. I feel terrible, because since I have been so out of the loop with blogging, it is really hard to get back into it. I really hope I will be able to get a few more posts in though before next term begins--because with school and work, it's almost impossible to work. Also, you have to post pictures when your room is done!! I am sure it will be beautiful, considering you have such a delightful fashion sense. And I don't know what you are talking about--this outfit is so cute!! You make me want to revive my once obsessive use of bows (I haven't worn one in almost a month *gasp*). And the boots are so quirky, they really add a nice touch to the outfit. Anyway, I hope you are well hun, it was so good hearing from you!
Ciao ciao,

Yulan said...

Love the outfit!

Glamour-Och-Fläskpannkaka said...

lovely pair of shoes!

Demi said...

I hope you have a great christmas and new year honey!
thank you for always being so kind and lovely!