Monday, May 11, 2009

Time to say farewell?

I don't know what I have lately, but I'm just not feeling like blogging lately... It's starting to feel like an obligation. That I have to post an outfit everyday and that I have to be inspiring, while I'm just being me... I never thought I could have this feeling and now I understand why other bloggers also maybe wanted to quit with their blog. I also hate my photos lately... I don't like them anymore and I have the feeling that I have to make them special or so, instead of making them in my room. And I must say that I get these comments sometimes, that the way how I dressed a year ago was way more nice, than now. Or that my looks have become way too old looking or something. Than I'm asking myself why I keep posting my outfits. I also get sometimes comments that I look ugly. Why are you visiting my blog if you think that I look ugly?! And why do you have to say that to me? I can't change my face. I can change my hair and clothes, but who says I want that? I'm not quiting my blog for sure, but.. Oh, I don't know. I'm going to think about it. And I'm having a little break again with reference to my internship. This isn't a farewell yet, but there might be one someday...


yishyene said...

I never thought that even a person like you would get any nasty comments - you are a beautiful girl and your outfits reflect who you are, I think they're all lovely!

only blog if it still makes you happy
there's no point doing it out of pressure or if you don't enjoy it is there?

hope you feel betteR! (Suz) said...

het is wel herkenbaar nu, wat je zegt. ik denk dat het gewoon belangrijk is dat je het doet als je het leuk vindt, en dat je het niet doet als je het als een taak ziet. en dat je dan wat minder post... je kunt de mensen die het meeste posten toch niet bijbenen, en de mensen die je volgen blijven dat toch wel doen denk ik ;).

matekate said...

Sam, i can understand you, i don't know how i would deal with those comments and the thought "i have to post an outfit." But: i don't think you HAVE to! I always thought a blog is like an hobby, so you should be busy with it when you want to!
Furthermore you are NOT ugly! People who say things like that are just idiotic and not able to accept others as they are. Everyone is beautiful his own way, and i think you are wonderful! Your hair, your face (so cute and feminine) and of course your clothes!

Think about it, but don't mind those stupid others! Do and be and wear what you want to.
Of course i love to see your outfits, but isn't it the clothes on you and not the background which is important? I think so! Don't think about things like that too much.
Enjoy your life!

Love, Kate

P.S.: i would miss your blog if you'd quit it!

DaisyChain said...

You don't have to apologise and you don't have to post if you don't want to. The point of this blog is that it's yours, for you to post what you want, when you shouldn't feel compelled to respond to perceieved, or real pressure.

I'll be sad if you decide to quit blogging, but at the same time, you need to do what's best for you. xx

Cup Of Kitten Tea said...

oh :( dont quit! ive only just found you!. i love how quaint you are,your bedroom is absolutely delightful and i dont think you need to change ANYTHING! your such a sweet little doll. when you started, was it because you wanted to know what a small minority of people thought so you could change yourself to their rules? i dont think it was.
you will always get negative feedback, the rule is to remember the positive. delete the negative ones and perhaps keep a document of all the positive ones so you can read them and feel like yourself again, after all its your blog!
none of your fans will mind if you are too busy to blog - take a break and perhaps in the summer when you have some free time you can start up again. we'll always be here to listen!
but, most of all, do what makes you feel comfortable. your beautiful and i think you know that, you have just had a little moment where you have taken too much notice of the negative. we all do it (especially girls) from time to time. the skill is to push it away.
sorry for the long essay i love your musings xxxxxxxxxx

Nikki ( said...

Hee! Ik ben je blog de laatste tijd aan 't volgen, en vind hem serieus super. Jij hebt zo'n eigen stijl, ik vind het te gek!! En ja, het is inderdaad een beetje ouderwets, maar dat is er juist te gek aan. Jij maakt het wat moderner. Echt hoor, ga niet twijfelen aan je stijl. Dat maakt jou jou!!
Groetjes Nikki.

Helen said...

I hope you do come back, sometimes a break can really do you good! But of course, sometimes these things just come a natural end I suppose. I hope the horrible comments have not put you off, because they are very untrue! Good luck on your internship too.

Lauren said...

Aaaw, such a pity! You're seriously my most important "style icon" (if that doesn't sound too silly). Since i've met your blog, my own style has changed a lot towards your absolutely gorgeous vintage-y style. But indeed, if you don't like blogging anymore, you shouldn't continue doing it, it has to remain a hobby... As long as you know there are still loads of people absolutely loving your style and looks and wishing they'd look like you :)

xx Lauren

Rain said...

Sam, I love your blog and your style. You are a great person. I can't believe people have to judge so negative. That really does hurt. I hope you don't have to quit your blog, bc you have many fans, who does support you! Just be yourself!


Kati said...

Stay as you are, I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Aah :(:( Wat ontzettend jammer Sam! Ik ben een trouwe bezoekster van je blog en ik vind je outfits en posts ALTIJD geweldig! Ik zou het echt ontzéttend jammer vinden als je ermee stopt :(

En wat stom dat je van die vervelende comments krijgt!!! Kan me niet voorstellen dat mensen dat zeggen! Ik vind je een harstikke mooi meisje, ben echt wel jaloers op jouw haar en je kledingstyle! Snap echt niet dat mensen zeggen dat je lelijk bent... want dat ben je absoluut NIET! Trek je niks aan van die vervelende comments, ik denk dat het gewoon jaloezie is!

Ik snap dat je even een dipje hebt, en als je even geen zin hebt om te bloggen, geeft niks, dat gebeurt iedereen wel eens!
Maar ik hoop écht dat je doorgaat met je blog, want anders ga ik je outfits en posts zeker missen!!!

Ondanks dat je een heel andere kledingstyle hebt dan ik, haal ik toch altijd ideeën uit je outfits :) Én vind ik het gewoon ontzettend leuk om ze te bewonderen!

Good luck girl! You Rock :)

Liefs van een trouwe bezoeksters

Toni said...

i feel like these days too. sometimes i read my friend's blogs and they receive so many followers and comments and i keep posting for who? the 6 people who read my blog? so i understand what you mean. and i just hate those people who post rude comments. it's completely uncalled for and those people are just trying to make someone feel bad. i love your blog and i hope you don't quit it. although, maybe i should listen to my own advice. haha. i hope you don't leave, because i do like your blog!!


jimena said...

I like ur style...I'd like to have as many dresses as u have ..and I'd change my style like urs ..I like it!

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog so I hope that you don't quit it! But if you feel that you HAVE to post your outfits then it must not be so much fun anymore. but then again it is YOUR blog and you write basically whatever you like on it. Maybe it's time for a little change? You could maybe write about other things as well? I'm just suggesting, hehe (: Hope you make up your mind! :D And don't let the ugly comments get to you, your a beautiful girl!

Anonymous said...

I just added your blog to the google reader folder that i check daily so i'm sad to see you (sorta) leave so soon! i love your outfits; they're adorable and unique. i really hope to see more, or to see whatever you feel like posting :)
good luck! cheers-

Fräulein Luise said...

Don´t give up blogging. You just do amazing posts, also remembering how old you are! Your creative outfits are unique and individual. Who wants to look like everyone !

Darrah said...

Screw the readers that think you're ugly. You're fantastic! Every time I visit your blog, you're always wearing something sweet and unique. I love it!

I've also felt like I "have to be inspiring" but just can't generate anything. I have a life, ya know? It's not uncommon that I will take a week or two off from blogging. I would rather post a few meaningful blogs than a pointless blog everyday. We need breaks!

HoneyBunny said...

I hope you won;t quit, honey!
I adore and admire your's so unique and you;re a real doll! :)
Don;t care about those nasty comments..they're just from people who are jealous, plain and boring :*

Piglet said...

I can't believe people would say such horrible things.

I personally love your outfit posts. I am always suffering from dress envy!!!

Anyway, I would be sad to see you stop, but in the end you should only be blogging if it is enjoyable. :)

Eyeliah said...

oh I can understand, take the time and hopefully come back with a fresh perspective and know that you will be missed.

zeinadinanda said...

aaarrrrgh! please don't do this to me!I was just starting to follow your blog a week ago, so please DON'T STOP! just don't...i heart you berry muchy

and so what if you got a nasty comments? that's risk of being famous darling. Paris Hilton got a nasty comments every second of everyday, did she stop being her? NO!(it's not like i adore her or something...just an example)

so DON'T STOP being YOU!
if u care about those who hates you, i say: start caring MORE to those who loves you, and don't quit.

I'm expecting your next post then!


zeinadinanda said...

one more thing...(sorry for too much comments, I'm panicking over this stop blogging things) dont do this as an obligation, just blog when you feel like blogging dear

Rhiannon said...

Aww, definitely take a break if you're feeling worn out from blogging! I know what you mean . . . I've been feeling the same lately--blogging's not as fun as it used to be and I feel pressure and get stressed out more than I should about something that shouldn't even be that serious. Maybe once you take a little vacation you can come back with new inspirations, and blogging will be fun again?

As for the negative comments, it just means you're successful! Seriously, people are jealous . . . otherwise they wouldn't bother trying to bring you down. Can you change it so that people can't post negative comments anymore?

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam,
Erg jammer dat je erover denkt om te gaan stoppen.. Alhoewel ik denk dat je het toch niet gaat doen, na al deze lieve comments ;-)

Bloggen moet inderdaad geen verplichting worden.. Gewoon wanneer jij het leuk vind.. En dat mensen je outfits niet leuk vinden, nou en?
Je bent trouwens echt niet lelijk! Die mensen zijn gewoon jaloers.. Ik weet dat het moeilijk is, maar je moet proberen om al het negatieve commentaar buiten te sluiten =)

Hoop dat je er nog eens héél goed over nadenkt, want ik kijk ongeveer dagelijks op je blog!

The FourOhSeven said...

Je hoeft niet helemaal te stoppen! Als je zin hebt zet je er wat op (ik ken de ''Blogspot-Guide-To-Fasion-Blog'' niet maar daar staat vast niet in dat je elke dag een outfit moet posten)en als je geen zin hebt, gewoon niet doen, het moet geen verplichting worden.

De mensen die onaardige dingen over je zeggen zijn gewoon jarloers. Waarom zou iemand zoiets doen? Ze zitten met zichzelf in de knoop en reageren het op jou af.

Jij hebt tenminste een eigen stijl, je bent geen onderdeel van de Winkelstraat beeld dat je overal ziten dat mag je best laten zien, je moet Nederland vertegenwoordigen. En jammer als een paar er niet tegen kunnen.

Boyfriend said...


het enige waarom mensen negatief tegen je doen is inderdaad, zoals Rhiannon zegt, omdat ze jaloers zijn. Daar hoef je je niets van aan te trekken, of juist wel :) Het betekend namelijk progressie.

Het is geen verplichting, het is iets waarvan jij degene zou zijn die het meest geniet. Het is jouw ding en zo te zien heb je vele fans :)

Je hier even los van maken voor eventjes is misschien een idee, maar ik ga niet suggestief zijn.

You can do it.. <3

Style Spot said...

Oh no, please don't stop blogging, dear! You have such a cute, still edgy style which you manage to make your own. You're such an inspiration with your beauty and your wonderful wardrobe! But I understand the feeling of being tired of blogging...take a break and relax and refresh, but please come back soon xoxoxo

Lily Zemuner said...

Sam, you look ALWAYS amazing. You inspire me everyday. I think that if someone doesn't like your clothes, just have to go away, it's simple. I know it's not good to recieve theses type of comments, I recieved them sometimes and it's pretty hard. But you know you are gorgeous, you know your clothes are amazing. You know that most of us love your blog, so... forget about these bad comments. And make your posts just when you want it, it'd not an obligation, but it's a pleasure for us.


Seeker said...

My dear if you have haters is because you're doing something good.
But I can understand you very much and feel related with all you said.

Yes, I think you do well in taking a break.
Take your time, live your life and if you decided to come back we'll be here for you.

All the best, take care


Anonymous said...

This is a very sad post to read...don't care about those who don't like your style, just relax and continue what you're really good at: dress up and make pictures.

Well, if you take a break, it's your decision, you know what you want and what you need. Maybe your also going to find that inspiration you're looking for and you'll be more satisfied with your new posts.

I hope you don't quit, there are a lot of fans out here;)

~jD* said...

...personally i like your style,
and the fact that you're feeling uninspired is just natural.
it happens to everyone.
besides, only you can see what goes and what doesn't.
i'm not even one of your following bloggers, and i still read yours.

so be a doll,
and don't give in..

Fannah said...

I know what you mean.. that's why I'm absent for times often.. but I learned something in Greek class today: there was this philosopher who said you should count the people who have benefit from your actions and the ones that don't, and whichever's more gets their way. I personally think that a lot of people are inspired and mesmerized by you and your pictures, and it's not normal for one to be inspirational all the time. I really hope that it's just a phase just as it is sometimes for me, and that you'll continue blogging and maybe just take a break, because I love your style!

Sara said...

I totally agree with all the people above me.

Ik wil niet dat je stopt, ik hou van je blog!
Ik haal veel inspiratie uit je fotoos, en hoe jij dingen beschrijft en combineert.
Jij geeft me nét dat zetje om tóch dat leuke jurkje aan te trekken, of tóch die aparte, maar o zo leuke schoenen te kopen.
Als mensen zeggen dat je lelijk bent, dan zijn ze alleen maar jaloers.
Mensen die zeggen dat je kleren lelijk zijn? Jaloers.

Voel je zeker niet verplicht om te schrijven, alleen als je er zin in hebt. Maar wij genieten van je blog, en mensen die dat niet doen, moeten hier gewoon niet komen, en zéker niet zo zielig zijn dat ze andere mensen gaan afkraken.
Trek je er niks van aan, doe wat je zelf wilt.

As you say it:
Als iemand mij nu nog uitlacht word ik er juist zelfverzekerder van. Dat betekent toch dat ik interessant ben.

And you're damn right.xx

Naomi said...

ignore the horrible people. You aren't ugly at all, in fact the opposite!
But if you aren't having fun with blogging with it anymore, have a break :)
I'll support you either way!

Ada [The Duchess] said...

These haters can go to hell. I visit your blog on a daily basis because I love the way you dress. I love your clothes, and I love your sass. Don't let these twats bring down your mood. They are just people looking to give you a hard time. Please just ignore these fools. And I see that you've put your comments on moderation (which I was going to suggest you do). Good luck to you, you're adorable.

Anonymous said...

Natsy comments - always come from nasty people. I had someone write on my fdood blog the other day, saying "I truly, totally, feel utterly embarassed for you. Don't give up the day job, eh?!". Some people are just mean, ignore them!

Anonymous said...

Lieve Sam,

Ik vind jou, je stijl en je blog gewoonweg super! Het spijt me dat ik dit nu pas lees, ik had het vorige week druk met school en kwam om in het huiswerk.

Tuurlijk evolueert je stijl, maar mensen kunnen je stijl van vorig jaar niet vergelijken met je stijl van nu. Mensen veranderen en dat lees je af in hun kleding.

Bloggen zou geen verplichting voor je moeten zijn en als je niet meer wilt bloggen, moet je het niet doen. Zolang je maar weet dat 99% van je bezoekers ( en je hebt heeeeeeeel veel bezoekers) je blog leuk vindt en dat wij je altijd zullen steunen in je beslissing.

En je bent alles behalve lelijk. Ik ken je niet zo goed, maar van hoe ik je ken, ben je mooi van binnen én van buiten.

Hopelijk blog je nog lang door met plezier! Trek je niks aan van gemene comments. Mensen die jouw pijn doen, zijn het niet waard om je blog te bezoeken!

Veel liefs Rebecca