Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's what I've become

I'm feeling a bit odd today. Don't know why. I also slept strange tonight. I woke up almost every hour. Around 6 o'clock it started to rain and I remember that I kept thinking that I had to shut my window, but I didn't. And then I slept a little again, but with the thought that it might leak. But that isn't possible.
I'm also constantly listening to The Chairman's Waltz. Beautiful song. If someone asks me something (dad or grandma) I can react so irritated or bitchy, so out of the blue. For nothing actually. Nothing is funny today. Almost can't laugh about anything. And if I do laugh about something, it's really soft and short. A little giggle and that's it.

Hmm.. I've been thinking a little. I gues that I'm feeling like this because I miss boyfriend so so bad. I'm even getting mood swings out of it. My dad doesn't seem to understand it, since he laughs everything I say about it away. Like he doesn't understand how much I love him. Maybe it's a dad thing. The only thing I want to do now is getting a warm shower, putting on my pj's, getting a big cup with hot tea, some nice cookies and while I'm drinking my tea and eating my cookies I want to watch Gone with the Wind. My favorite movie (just like my grandfathers).

Excuse me for this not so happy post. I've been feeling odd/lame/whatever since yesterday evening and it doesn't want to go away. I suppose everyone suffers from this every once in a while. I'll try to write a more happy post the next time! Now an outfit! I still got soooo many outfits to show. I made the photos, but I was just too lazy to post it (blame the weather). This outfit was from the end of June.
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Having some difficulties with the plants. They grow too fast!
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So I changed place.
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Vintage dress from
Jambelle tights with roses
Cherrynecklace from
Antique pendant that belonged to my great grandmother
Prada slingbacks and sunglasses
Bijou Brigitte bow

Need to wear this dress more often. But I have no idea how I can combine it. I have a couple of outfits with it, but not much. Someone an idea?

Oh! Another thing! I'm going to London this thursday and I'm going to do some shopping ofcourse! I have 3 stores where I want to go already. The Dahlia store, the Fornarina store and ofcourse Topshop. Does someone have more tips for me? Like a vintage store for example? I would really appreciate it!


Ruxandra said...

i have that kind of days too, sometimes.but it will's just part of the life and we have to deal with it.and i can only say have fun in london:)

Anonymous said...

Great shoes... Prada for president!

heleen said...

Ah meisje, hopelijk voel je je snel terug beter en krijg je je vriendje binnenkort te zien!
De outfit is echt fantastisch, dat jurkje... waw. supermooi!

HoneyBunny said...

Wow what a lovely dress!

Jane said...

I'd try to combine it with white tight, maybe lace or with a nice flowery pattern, curls and maybe light pink t-strap- heels, or maybe black and then your little black bow in the hair. I'd love to see that.

when you're in london, you should definetly spend a look on camden market, it's not vintage, but most stuff is kind of unique and really beautiful. and for the best vintage stuff ever, go to bricklane to beyond retro. it's the best shop ever, looks more like a costume shop or something. if you want you can check out my blog, I've got pictures from stuff I bought there on my last london trip. :-]

ps: visit primark! it's not the best quality, but prices are low anyway and the styles are the bests :-]

have fun on your trip, london is my favourite town in the world :-]

Marie said...

I love your tights and shoes with this dress...such a pretty look!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam,
superleuk dat je naar Londen gaat! Alleen 1 ding!! Ik zou ook gaan, maar dit gaat niet door vanwege de mexicaanse griep.. Londen is op het moment DE broedplaats van de mexicaanse griep, dus pas je goed op?
xx Tanya

Anonymous said...

Ow en nog iets! Wat aanraders haha..
Ken je Lazy Oaf? die vind ik zelf erg leuk.. Ook een echte aanrader is bij de chocoladebar bij Harrods eten=)
Even denken.. Vintage stores ken ik niet zo goed.. Primark eventueel? En Camden Market is altijd leuk =)
xx tanya

Anja said...

Als ik ergens mee zit kan ik ook tegen niets tegen. Zeker niet dingen die mijn ouders doen of zeggen! Begrijp je dus zeker.

Vera said...

Ik hoop dat je je snel beter voelt!
En veel plezier in Londen.
Lijkt me echt leuk om heen te gaan.
En mooie outfit trouwens!
Vind je jurk zo mooi!

Amy // The Girl In The Bowler Hat said...

I've been them kinda days lately too, and I don't know why but never mind :)
This is a lovely lovely lovely outfit! I love the shoes and dress !


DaisyChain said...

gorgeous outfit,

feel better soon lovey

Darrah said...

It's okay to feel low. My boyfriend has been gone for two weeks, and I'm finally going to meet up with him in New York tomorrow. I can't wait!

Bee said...

As Jane said, Beyond Retro down Cheshire st (off Brick Lane, nearest tube Aldgate East) is amazing. You can find some real bargins in there, in fact Brick Lane has some amazing vintage stores which i know you'll love.

The ground floor of Selfridges down Oxford Street has an amazing selection of house decorations, books and even a Christmas department! While the designer bag section and the Beauty Hall are also worth a visit.

Have a great stay xx

Enjoy your stay xx

Bee said...

As Jane said, Beyond Retro down Brick Lane (it's on a road called Cheshire Street, which goes off Brick Lane to the left) is a must see, and has some real bargin vintage finds. There are hundreds of vintage shops down Brick Lane which are springing up all the time and they are all pretty amazing.

Selfridges down Oxford Street (which i'm sure you know all about) is amazing, the Beauty Hall is lovely and the bag department is fantastic, but my favourite bit is the ground floor which has loads of lovely home decorations and even a Christmas department!

Oh and this isn't a shop but Ed's Easy Diner which is located down Moor st, off Old Compton St (in Threatre Land) sells the most amazing American diner food!

Enjoy your stay ! xx

Jennifer Jacobs/Smurfkuh said...

Topshop, de kelder moet je echt niet overslaan!
daar hebben ze echt geweldige dingen. Boven vind ik het zelf niet zo, maar beneden is echt een paradijsje!

Alvast heel erg veel shopplezier!

Anonymous said...

Je ziet er super mooi uit, de jurk staat je echt heel goed! Hopelijk voel je je snel weer wat happier, tot die tijd is mijn tip zelf chocolate chip koekjes maken en mooie films kijken als: the white oleander, the reader, what's eating gilbert grape en finding neverland, sterkte!

Kati said...

What a lovely, lovely dress!

Unknown said...

LOVE your style!!
and what a pretty dog :)

Ilse said...

jeutje, die schoenen! liefde liefde liefde. enne, chocolade is de perfecte remedie voor dat soort dagen. ik zit ook met een boyf die 5 weken naar Hong Kong is zonder mij, bwuuh x3

Nele said...

Ik blijf jou blog elke keer met liefde lezen!
Ik vind het geweldig hoe je schrijft :D

xxly! (Suz) said...

woow, mooie jurk en schoenen ;)! hoop dat je je snel beter voelt. ik ben op vakantie nu en mis mijn vriendje ook heel erg, dus ik snap wel hoe je je voelt :).

Laura said...

I love the dress - it's gorgeous! And the cute dog :)

Sasi said...

Sorry about your mood:(

Love your dress and your cherrynecklace.

Marie-Louise said...

you are incredibly pretty! such a cute dress!!

Little Bow Prep said...

Awesome dress and shoes!

Cara said...

Hi, sure let me know when you post about it. Thanks!!!!

Cara said...

Hi, sure let me know when you post about it. Thanks!!!!

Iris said...

heee! bedankt voor je reactie :D
haha ja, die girlsceners zijn soms zooo irritant! over alles hebben ze wel wat te zeiken! bij jou interview ook of niet? (kgeloof dat ik me zoiets kan herrinneren :p)

maar even ontopic: heeele leuke outfit! dat jurkje is echt super cute!

Iris said...

hee, jaaa is goed :D leuk!!
ik hou wel van interviews :p
jaa inderdaad, wow, dat is wel heel erg dat ze kankerhoer zeiden! waar slaat dat nou weer op?!
achja... het gaat bij mij ook inderdaad het ene oor en en het andere oor er weer uit, al blijven sommige reacties wel een beetje in je hoofd hangen hahah!


Mooie foto's + jurk (=

The FourOhSeven said...

mooie jurkje,

ik denk dat de mood swings aan de vakantie ligt. iedereen wordt er een beetje raar van.

Nele said...

Dat strikje in je haar is soo CUTE!
Heb ik soms ook, maar jou staat het stukken beter!!

Anonymous said...

Dat jurkje is echt prachtig!