Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Let's get lost so you can take me home

So a while back I was tagged by the always cute looking Jamie from Fashion in Progress! I have to share 10 random facts about me. I already did this tag, but that is already a while go. So here are the facts!
  1. I'm afraid of thunder and lightening
  2. I have about 130 pair of shoes. I'm afraid it will get more when I go to London this weekend
  3. I always been a trouble sleeper, even though it isn't so bad any more the past year. When I was a baby I only slept 45 minutes, while all the other baby's slept 2 hours in the afternoon. It took about 15 years to get a better sleeper.
  4. I got addicted to overknees lately. I wore them a lot last year may/june and now they made a comeback in my closet! Outfits with them will come soon ;)
  5. My 'friends' always said that I was doomed to be single. Now I can't imagen my life without boyfriend.
  6. I hate getting older! When I turned 17 I decided that I turned 16 again, but then part 2! It didn't stick. Now I'm turning 18 at the end of September... Oh boy, where did the time go?
  7. Even I am sometimes insecure about my looks. Than I'm wearing something that I absolutely love and I see a group of girls (girls with no style) staring at me and laughing. Sometimes I get more secure of it, it means that I'm interesting, but sometimes I just want to crawl in a corner and hide myself away. But that only happens 1 of the 30 times! So not often ^^
  8. I'm really alike my dad. With looks and with my charater. My dad isn't an easy person to live with and I'm the same! It can also be frustrating to talk to me about certain subjects.
  9. I almost never call my boyfriend by his first name. It's almost always someting else.
  10. I always wanted a cat when I was little. That wasn't possible because my dad is allergic of them. Six months after my parents got divorced (14 years ago already) we got a cat. She was black with white and I thought she was the most beautiful little kitten I've had ever seen, while my mom thought she was incredibly ugly. We called her 'Koetje' (literal translation: little cow), because of her black/white fur. We changed that after a week, because my mom hated to call her like that. Now she was calling Katja. And Katja was my little cat, my little girl, that was so sweet. She didn't hurt a fly and I still miss her since she died, this vacaction already 3 years ago.
And I'm tagging Kayleigh from BalanceBeam!

So those were the 10 not so random facts! Now the outfit for today.
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See by ChloƩ top
Vintage hat owlnecklace
Vintage waistbelt
Selfmade skirt
Dries van Noten heeled sandals

Now I'm going to pack my bag for London, so I'll won't be stressing tonight. Tomorrow at 2 O'clock( 2:00 PM) we're going to fly! And we arrive at the same time we went away. Hurray for summertime! Can't wait till I can shop, haha. I'm certainly going to Beyond Retro (thanks for the tip Jane and Bee!). And ofcourse the Dahlia store and Fornarina store at Carnaby street. And Topshop an Harrods not to forget! I don't think I'll be doing more shopping than that, since I don't think my dad will appreciate it. But one thing is sure. I'm going to do the shopping with something very precious next to me! Namely a beautiful bag. A bag I got from my dad last monday, since it was in sale. A lot. Want to see the bag? Here is it^^
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
My Viktor & Rolf bag! I absolutely love it and I think it's going to be with me everywhere I go.

I hope I will see you again when I'm in London! I hope I got internet there and otherwise till next tuesday or wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Very nice outfit! 130 PAIR OF SHOES?! OMG!! i have .... 6 or 7 !

Darrah said...

I just saw Dreis van Noten's fall collection at the Nordstrom Designer preview. Those are awesome shoes.

Marie said...

Fabulous outfit and photos. That is a beautiful pair of shoes and amazing purse! Love the whole post!

Amy // The Girl In The Bowler Hat said...

I can't believe you have 130 pairs of shoes! My parents would kill me. They aren't the type to have loads of something, and I have to sort of my clothes all the time! Lovely outfit :)


Marmelindela said...

Je tas is zo briljant. Als ik net zo rijk was als jij had ik ook Dries van Nooten schoenen en Viktor en Rolf tassen. Weet je wat grappig is? Ik had een cavia die zwart met wit was, en die heette Koetje! Ze kreeg ook kleintjes waarvan we er eentje hielden en die Kalfje noemde. Veel plezier in Londen.

Anonymous said...

I love the bag and the cute little owl.

Kati said...

Lovely outfit! I'd like to have all your shoes! ;-)

Jennifer Jacobs/Smurfkuh said...

Veeel plezier in London!

Anonymous said...

onwijs mooie top en stoel!! super outfit!

Fashiable | Nanne said...

Super, super en nog eens super!
Wat me als eerste op valt is je stoel, wat is die gaaf zeg. Heel erg mooi. Maar verder heb je echt een prachtig outfitje aan en die hoed staat je ook erg leuk.

Bee said...

Love the self made skirt ! and very jealous of the viktor and rolf bag. Have a great time in london, p.s the red, blue, and white top in previous post is looooovely! x (Suz) said...

super mooie outfit! heel chic, met het hoedje en super mooie hakken. ben echt jaloers op je 130 paar schoenen, en het zijn ook echt allemaal kunstwerkjes. ik noem mijn vriendje ook bijna nooit bij zijn voornaam, dat klinkt heel serieus altijd, haha.

Piglet said...

That hat is adorable.
And 130 pairs of shoes!!! I'm impressed.

Anonymous said...

Lovely outfit! I wish I get to have 130 pair of shoes someday... I still have to hit 40 though lol

xx, have a nice trip


Cindy Khor said...

lovely outfit, green + red, that's quite a sexy combination, love the fluffiness of the skirt...

Iris said...

okee dat is goed! have fun in london!!

Mila said...

whooooa,130?You`re good!
Oh i love your green+red combination!

Anonymous said...

Mooie outfit en leuke tag!

The High Heel Times said...

The sandals are lovely, and that bag is a real killer. It doesn't happen very often that I really like a bag, but you have just shown me one!

Sam said...

Thank you all for the nice comments!