Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Oh dear, I have a pretty busy weekend for once. First time since years I could say that I was fully booked and it had nothing to do with school. I like it! I went to Alice in Wonderland Sunday, I went shopping in Amsterdam yesterday and today I'm going to Arnhem! To an old friend. I'm looking forward to it. But now I need to catch my train, otherwise I'll miss it! Don't want that to happen. Going to show all my new purchases tonight! At least, I'm going to try.
Good day everyone!


Petite Annabel said...

Yay! Looking forwards to your new items!
Have a great day, x Petite Annabel

Fashionisaparty.com (Suz) said...

waauw, leuk! ben benieuwd wat je gekocht hebt. en veel plezier in mijn hometown ;)

jennifer Jacobs said...

Veel plezier!

Suzy Loves said...

Heylo! I nominated you for a sunshine award, happy blogging xx http://suzyloveshearts.blogspot.com/2010/03/sunshine-award.html

Sanne said...

zo daily is die fashion boost niet meer:(
we want moooore

Sam said...

@ Suz
Haha, heel veel spullen x] En ik heb zeker heel veel plezier gehad in je hometown!^^ Leuke stad Arnhem!

@ Suzy Loves
Oeh, merci! I'm going to look at it very soon ;)

@ Sanne
Dat is het al tijden niet meer, haha ;) Door stage en laat thuis zijn heb ik er nauwelijks zin in om te bloggen en foto's te maken. Excuses daarvoor! Nog een paar weken en dan is stage weer over en ga ik proberen (!) vaker te bloggen.