Wednesday, May 21, 2008

No work

Don't have much to tell today. It was kind of a boring day. Didn't went to work today, so I slept till 2:30 pm in the afternoon. I know it's bad, but I needed it. I'm rather glad that I didn't had to work today haha. Well actually I had to, but my mom didn't allow it. She thought that I was way to tired.

Since I've made this skirt, I'm starting to live in it.
So I'm already wearing it again. I can combine it with so many things!
I'm loving it.

Dress as top, Bruuns Bazaar
Skirt as dress, selfmade
Waisbelt, vintage
Grape necklace, was from my grandmother
Medaillon necklace, gift from my dad
Tights, H&M
The little boots, Invito


Sam said...

i just stumbled across your blog, and i love it!
all of your floral clothing is amazing and i love this outfit.

Imelda said...

Oh altijd zo leuk als je een dagje verplicht moet thuisblijven :)

Ik vind je zelf gemaakte rok echt super! De stof is heel leuk, net zoals je complete outfit!

Ik heb ook nog een vraagje :)
Je Hugo Boss enkellaarsje die een paar posts geleden droeg, waar heb je deze gevonden? Ik zoek ze nu al een tijdje maar kan ze echt nergens vinden :)
Alvast bedankt!