Saturday, May 24, 2008

So clumsy, because I'm falling in love

Well, okay, I'm not falling in love. But I am falling. The whole day trough. When I got up, I tripped over my own feet, when I walked down the stairs I missed a step. Stupid thing that I wore my heels today. I couldn't resist myself, but it certainly wasn't clever. As I was walking over the street I went trough my ankle and that happend about 4 times. The fourth time, I really felt down. So I was lying there, on the street with my Marc Jacobs on and a lot of bags on my arm. Gosh, I felt so ashamed. I immediatly got up and walked trough, hoping that no one saw it. It was on a crowded shopping street, so ofcourse people saw it. Bummer. As I walked trough, my dad and I came by a new shoeshop. We really had to look. The shoes sucked sadly enough, but the bags that they had, were actually pretty nice. And stupid enough, when I walked out the store, I tripped over my own feets.. Starting the day over again. And I'm afraid that my clumsyness isn't over for the day.

New bag, Liebeskind
New fragrance, Covet of Sarah Jessica Parker

New fragrance, Lovely of Sarah Jessica Parker

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