Thursday, May 8, 2008

Yesterday's and today's outfit shots

So, here are my outfit shots of today and yesterday. I had to work again today and actually it was really fun. I sold 4 shirts and a pair of jeans. Which is really good for me, because I'm just new at this. This is only my third week, so I'm kinda proud. But the day went really quikly. I had the feeling I was only standing there for like an hour. Maybe it was because I had some fun with my college 'Laurens'. We laughed a lot. This was the first time we worked together and this was actually also the first day, that I really had some fun. So that's a really positive thing. But now the outfit shots.

Yesterday's outfit

Dress, Fornarina
Grandpa cardigan, Topshop
Broche necklace, gift from my dad
Grape necklace, was from my grandmother
Medaillon, H&M

Today's outfit

Scarf, H&M
Shirt, American Vintage
Belt, vintage
Skirt, Fornarina
Sunglasses, H&M
Boots, vintage
Bag, Pepe Jeans


Anonymous said...

Je hebt echt een geweldige stijl! Serieus, ik bekijk je blog zo vaak ik kan.
En je kijkt Grey's Anatomy. Dat is tof!

Sam said...

Aah dankje, dat vind ik echt leuk om te horen. En gaaf dat je zo vaak kijkt als je kan, terwijl ik nog maar net begonnen ben. En ik ben een Grey's Anatomy verslaafde haha. Niet z'n beetje ook trouwens.