Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The style of SJP

Who doesn't know her? Sarah Jessica Parker. Every fashionista knows her. That's for sure, certainly after the hit serie 'Sex and the City'. Which is a little addiction of mine. I have all the seasons on dvd and I have seen it for like 7 times. I still don't get bored. But fashionista or not, you should know her acting skills or sense of style. After my opinion she's fantastic. And I'm kinda jealous of her hair haha. 11 June I'm going to the premiere in Amersfoort of Sex and the City the movie and I can't wait till it's time! I so bad want to see that movie! I just can't wait. It's kind of annoying how bad I want to see it. I'm already thinking of what to wear then! I can't choose between the Prada's or the Miu's.. What a luxery problem haha. Well, I have to wait for another month, so I have the time to choose. But here are some pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker.

Ofcourse wearing the overknees and at the other picture, the oh so fabulous blazer.

When I saw that dress, I immediatly had to think of my dress. My Fornarina dress also has a white lace underdress underneath it. And the pink dress reminds me of the dress she wore in season 6, when she dated Alexandr Patrovski. The dress was an Oscar de la Renta. But the bottom isn't wide here, so it's different. But the colour lookes a lot like it and the belt is more edgy here. The belt of the Oscar de la Renta was more classy.

I just love the shoes she's wearing here and they're from Viktor & Rolf, the Dutch designers duo. And don't you just love the blue dress? It's from her own line 'Bitten'.And the red Valentino shoes! I'm in love..

I really want her YSL dress. It's so gorgeous..

Well I can say one thing.. One the right picture, it really seems that she has really long legs. But on the top it makes her look broad-shouldered

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