Wednesday, August 20, 2008

All day complaining

Today was my first day of school this year. And it started awful. Seriously. They manage to ruin 7 weeks of fun in 1 hour of time! Argh.. And it was my grandmothers birthday today and I had to go to school. That's just mean! I'm always free on the day on my grandmother birthday. I mean, I have to be with her and not at school. Sorry, I'm just a bit grumpy today. I haven't been grumpy for months. I always liked school, but now I have to go to school from 9 am till 4:35 pm! That's just way to long! And that like f*cking every day! That are almost work hours and I'm only 16. I have the rest of my life to work. And there are also some other things. But I'm not going to think about that, because I don't want to be grumpy. But when I went to my grandmothers I wasn't grumpy at all. She always makes me happy. I love her so incredibly much. I really don't know what to do when she isn't here anymore.. She turned 75 today, so she isn't they youngest person anymore. Although, she is really healthy, so I hope she's still here for at least 10 year. She's my rolemodel. Because of her I'm into fashion and she always helps me when something is going wrong.

But I wore 2 outfits today. One to school and the other to my grandmothers birthday. I just wanted to look a bit better for her. And I wanted to get out of my bit dark clothes. Colour always makes you a bit happier. At least, colour does that to me.

Talking about looking arrogant haha.

The outfit I wore to school.
Leather jacket, Goose Craft
Cardigan, Vanilia
Top, Miss Sixty
Short, don't know
Tights, Jambelle
Flats, H&M
Hat, H&M
Bag, Pepe Jeans
Pearl necklace, Six

Sorry for this vague picture, but it has to look like my earring.

I wore this outfit to my grandmothers birthday.
Cardigan, Vanilia
Dress, Elle
Tights, Jambelle
Boots, vintage
Pearl necklace, Six
Medaillon necklace, gift from my dad
Earrings, from New York which I bought 3 years ago


Imelda said...

Je ziet er echt geweldig uit, zeker de tweede outfit is heel mooi!
en een gelukkige verjaardag voor je grootmoeder!

Anonymous said...

Geen zorgen over je oma;) Mijn oma is 91 en nog steeds fit.
En supermooie outfits!