Saturday, August 30, 2008

The ugliest thing I've ever seen

When I was at Lowlands, you had a lot of stands with clothes. Like London, Episode and so go on. And I was at Episode looking for a dress that I could wear, because of the warmth. And while we were looking around I saw the ugliest thing I've ever seen. A leggin with a jeans print. I'm not a fan of leggins or jeans. Sometimes I'd like to wear jeans, but mostly not. But it was so ugly I just had to have it. Maybe you know that feeling. It was only 10 euro, so that isn't really much. So I bought it. And now I'm showing it to you.

I would never wear it like this, but it was just an experiment. Maybe I'll wear it like this for a dress up funny party or something like that. But than with an other shirt, so you can see how the leggin looks.


Irene said...

Ik snap precies wat je bedoelt. Het is niet bepaald de mooiste legging die ik heb gezien maar juist maar ik zou hem ook hebben gekocht, gewoon omdat ie zo ‘ugly’ is.

spiegeleule said...

great stuff. yout outfit with the striped shirt suites you very well

renéesturme. said...

Heb een hekel aan leggings en jeans, maar juist daarom vind ik deze inderdaad super.