Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm back and ready to blog!

My summer vacation is almost over and I'm not going anywhere anymore. So my daily posts are back! Even though I'm incredibly tired today haha. Lowlands was so amazing! I didn't made a lot of photo's, because my camera was empty again. Too bad.. But I had a wonderfull summer vacation and it's a shame that it's already over. Wednesday my school starts again.


maike said...

hee, ik weet nietmeer of je me kent, maar ik had heel lang geen blog meer geplaatst! D:
Op welke school voor mode zit je eigenlijk?

Anonymous said...

Ik ben zoooo jaloers op je fabulous schoenen! Jezus man, ik zou het nooit kunnen betalen, wat heb jij een mazzel!
Anyways, ik ben blij dat je terug bent. :D

Eli said...

they're supposed to be opening a Fornarina store in NYC too. They just closed the Las Vegas store.

Anonymous said...

you have an amazing style!
i really admire you!