Sunday, August 24, 2008

Today's outfit

I'm on a different computer right now, because mine is still being very annoying. I can't go on the internet anymore. Tomorrow my mom is going to bring it away. Hopefully I have it back soon. Oh well. I wore a dress that I bought on Lowlands today. I bought it because it was so hot when I was at Lowlands. I think it was about 28 degrees or something. And I can't deal with warmth. I'm way too Dutch when it comes to that.

Cardigan, H&M
Dress, Episode
Waistbelt, vintage
Tights, H&M
Peeptoe's Fornarina
Necklace, gift from the boyfriend


Anonymous said...

Greaaaat oufit, but you probably didn't wore those shoes to Lowlands, did you?
Did you wore heels to Lowlands anyway? 'Cause you always seem to wear heels, I can't even imagine you without them.

Sam said...

Thank you! And no, I didn't wore my heels to Lowlands haha. All that mud and my poor feet! I wore my old ripped all stars. But whenI don't have to walk much, I almost always wear my heels