Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The selfmade dress

So here it is! My new selfmade dress! Got some problems while making it. Before I should have added the facing to the arm-holes, I've should have stich the facing to the collar and front of the dress. I forgot to do that, so I could get the stitches out and start all over again. But this time with the collar first. I have no idea what it is, but I have a thing for this dress model. I've made a dress like this before, well 2 dresses, and they both had the same model. Except for the waist, this time the waist is higher and it has a collar and an extra pattern (the white part). I still don't really know how I can combine it, but that will come with time and summer! Hmm... What if I should make this model my 'signature' model for dresses, when I will launch my first clothing line? Haha, okay just dreaming over here. It would be incredibly cool if it will happen, but who knows. Maybe I'm going to be a journalist! As long as I can sit behind (or in front) the sewing machine, I'm happy.
What do you think of my dress?
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Dress, selfmade
Blouse, Designers Remix
Headband, H&M
Tights, H&M
Necklace, H&M
Scarf, Dept
Shoes, Invito (haven't worn them for about a year)


Anonymous said...

Dat jurkje is echt mooi! Goed gedaan!
Je straalt helemaal op de foto's, super leuk!

xx Rebecca

Bianka said...

It's adorable <3

Anonymous said...

echt prachtig! (de schoenen en de kettin gook ;)
maar de "bloes" eronder vind ik minder mooi dzar ben ik niet zo voor

Andrea Eames said...

It looks lovely! Great job. :D

HoneyBunny said...

I love it! it's gorgeous!

Luka said...

Nice dress! By seeing people make things like your dress I feel sorry that I don't know how to sew...
And by the way, love the H&M locket.

Fräulein Luise said...

Great job done!!. I also have some favourite patterns which alway turn out different due to the fabric used or some changes in style. I also very much like your shoes. Buttons on shoes are always a temptation for me.OH

Fannah said...

Ik vind hem zo schattig! De kleur, het model, de combinatie met de rest.. is super :D x.

Miss D the Teacher said...

Your dress is lovely, and I love the shoe post from before!
I'm so excited. I had my first sewing class ever last night! :-D

Natalí said...

The dress is adorable!! Well done!!! I love the fabric.

Raquel said...

I love it!! the pattern is adorable!

Naomi said...

:O well done! it's gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Wauw mooi geworden hoor!(Y) Staat je goed!

Leuke schoenen ook! Volgensmij een van je 'laagste' hakken die je hebt of niet? ;)

Helen said...

god i need to learn how to sew!

Eli said...

love the dress and the shoes!

Daphne said...

lovly outfit!! and those shoes!!

L. said...

cute...i love the pattern

Demi said...

ahhh, that dress is gorgeous! I want one!! I soo wish I could make my own clothes!
you look adorable honey, as always :)

I looked a few posts down aswell, and I love all of your new buys - and your shoe collection is just WOW! amazingg!

have a great week, lovely!


Maria said...

Ohhh.. it makes me jealous when I see the things that you people sew, I wish I could do that too!! I love this dress, and the lenght is just perfect, very good. Have a nice day tomorrow! kisses.

Emy Augustus said...

that is so good! love the pattern, style, and color!

Samantha said...

I love the dress really really cute! Perfect for Spring!
The shoes are amazing aswell.

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

It's lovely! Well done! :)

Unknown said...

You did so well, Sam! The pattern, cut and colour is gorgeous on you. Perfect for the warmer weather coming your way.

muchlove said...

Beautiful dress! well done!

Zoë said...

i LOVE the dress
you look adorable as always!


Noelle Chantal said...

nice dress! i like the color and the cut too. those white vintage looking boots looks great on the dress. :)

Mom Fashion World said...

oh wow you're so talented.
you did a great job.
and i love the whole outfit.
i just started blogging, which i would like to add you to my blog list.
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Anonymous said...

Your new dress is perfect! I love it so much!

MUG said...

Your dress is lovely! Congrats on such a great selfmade look!

S* said...

The dress is amazing!! Love it!! Aww!! ^^ That fashion course really works!!


Margaret Meyer said...

The dress is darling.
P.S. I want those white ankle boots!

Kathryn said...

I love your dress! I really like the cut of it!

Anonymous said...

wow cute self-made dress. it looks totally professional. and thanks for the long and sweet comment on my blog. you really do leave the sweetest little comments that make my day. thats so cute that your boyfriend refers to you guys as beauty and the beast!

wijzijneenauto said...

omg i can't stand you haha.
you got everything i want!
i want a dress with flowerprint to.
but i'm gonna buy it next week woei.

Rocío Lafuente said...

Amazing dress!!!

I love it!!


little daisy chains. said...

so cute!
i love it!
well done

Kastina said...

You defintally understand the composition of an outfit. Love it.

Montreal Fashion Minds said...

Cute dress, love the pendant!

~ Montreal Fashion Minds ~