Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sometimes a girl needs a silence and a half

I'm watching to my computer screen and I have no idea what to tell. I'm thinking of all kind of subjects, but nothing seem to pop up in my head. I had the same problem this afternoon. I went home at 16:44, instead of 16:30. My teacher had to inspect my paper. She had to do that at 16:20, but there were some things that happened, so she started to inspect it 15 minutes later. While my school day was over at 16:30. The 15 minutes waiting aren't so bad, okay, I don't like it (still have to make my point!), but I missed my train. Didn't liked that, because normally I travel home with a girl from my class. She already went home, so I was alone (also not that bad)but at the station I ran in to my teacher from competence(?). Nice guy, but a bit weird. His natural hair colour (yes, still have to make my point, sorry for the long story) is grey and guess what. He dyed it! Oh man, I really had to laugh. His hair was dark brown! And the man is about 50 years old. So funny. It's fine that he want to dye his hair, but this was really too dark haha. But now, here's my point! Finally. I ran into my teacher at the station and he was sitting on a bench and so was I. So we talked a little, but at some point I was just sitting there, with the feeling I had to talk about something, but I didn't know what! We were just sitting there, with an uncomfortable silence and starring at a fence. Just like now. Except for the uncomfortable silence and the fence is a computerscreen. So, anyone familiar with uncomfortable silences and no subjects to talk about?
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Leather jacket, Goose Craft
Shirt, Fornarina
Skirt, vintage (Ilovevintage)
Waistbelt, vintage (Ilovevintage)
Bow, Six
Tights, H&M
Necklace, vintage
Scarf, gift
Peeptoe platforms, Christian Louboutin


Natalí said...

Love your outfit. I like the way you combine the colors, and even more, the way u dress.

Darrah said...

I can tell you love shoes... great investment pieces. I also love the juxtaposition of the floral skirt and the leather jacket. I hope to achieve this look over spring at some point!

Unknown said...

Argh Sam I feel your pain. I am often stuck in uncomfortable silences with co-workers and other randoms, rummaging around in my head trying to find something to talk about. I usually end up talking about the last movie I've seen or the weather. Either way i still hate those silences!

Lovely skirt. The tones are really autumnal.

Charmaine Li said...

great leather jacket!! its the worse when there's awkward silences! i hate them..

wijzijneenauto said...

i love your outfit

Maria said...

Oh! Ive had that feeling so many times!! esp. with my ex-boss, we came together in the metro and we knew it was better to talk about something, but we dint know what to talk about! so weird!! sometimes I just decided it was better not to pretend we had a conversation and keep silence! I love your outfit, I love that skirt and the way it looks with the jacket, and ooohhh.. I love the shoes!! Have a nice day, greetings!

Jennifer said...

super leuke combinatie,
die rok heb ik nog ingepakt bij ilv hahaha, vond m toen ook al super :D

Camryn said...

I love your style! I wish I could be that outgoing with my style. *Sighs*

Anonymous said...

Dat jack staat je sexy^^

Jennifer said...

hee, uhmzs ik werk er nog niet. heb 1 dag magge proefdraaien vandaar :) en dan gaan ze een keuze maken tussen mij en de andere 3, :) eind deze week/begin volgende week hoor ik of ik aangenomen ben :)

ja amersfoort ligt beetje ver weg van eindhoven, mja er werkt ook iemand vanuit kessel ( limburg dus t kan wel :) )

Jennifer said...

haha, ja daar zou ik ook meteen aan denken :) ja renee woont in kessel, dus het is mogelijk :P ik hoop ook dat ik aangenomen word, is super leuk werk :D


Ik weet niet of je mijn mailtje al hebt gehad maar het interview staat al een paar dagen op mijn blog

liefs Fashionita

love the outfit by the way

Raquel said...

love your skirt! you dress it amazingly! have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

cute skirt and shoes <3 love it. and i like your hair ;)

Anonymous said...

Awesome skirt - I adore the fabric :).

Montreal Fashion Minds said...

Cute skirt!

~ Montreal Fashion Minds ~

Fräulein Luise said...

I like the bow in you hair, it is a great eyecatcher!

Anonymous said...


Oh ik vroeg me al af waar ze gebleven zijn! Ik heb echt prachtige gezien, maar die waren nep, dus ik hoop dat de echte ook bestaan:)

Leuke outfit!!


Anonymous said...

you've been tagged, my dear :)

Seeker said...

Love your skirt!!!
Looking great in that whole outfit.


amy said...

That room creates the most beautiful atmosphere for photo's. I love your outfits.

yiqin; said...

Your outfits always have the BEST details! Ah I am still waiting for the day to own my first pair of louboutins!~

muchlove said...

One of the things I hate most is awkward silences! Making small-talk is just so hard, especially with people you hardly know.

On a better note, I love your outfit. Especially that gorgeous vintage skirt.
(I don't suppose you could've talked much about clothes with your teacher!)

Rocío Lafuente said...

I love your skirt. You look fantastic!!

Naomi said...

oh yes, the silences when you just can't seem to get anything sensible to come out of your mouth!
And those shoes are divine.

Anonymous said...

I love your ensembles Sam, they're such a nice breath of fresh ari as far as fashion bloggers go. And the last photograph of the shoes and scarf?



Anonymous said...

Dat rokje is heel erg schattig! Het printje is zo mooi.

Enja, ongemakkelijke stiltes, er is niks ergers. Vooral met een leerkracht op het station. Hihi.

xx Rebecca

DaisyChain said...

I LOVE your skirt, and shoes. So much!

Gedankenlos said...

that skirt looks so fantastic!

Julia mode said...

Your skirt is so lovely !!! =)

ps: Check my new post if you want ;)


L. said...

very cute outfit. your room looks very neat:)

TheMinx said...

I loved your little story! And that skirt is just amazing on you.

Kate said...

I've just stumbled upon your blog and I adore it! Your style is divine :)
I would love to exchange links with you if you're interested!

xo, Kate

HoneyBunny said...

you look sooo cute! I love the bow in your hair;) :*

Samantha said...

SOOO CUTE, I love the flowery skirt with the black! stunning! =^.^=

Daphne said...

love the jacket

Sasi said...

What a lovely outfit:)