Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just another cold day and a shoppingmude

Oh my gosh! I had it so cold today! My teeth couldn't stop chattering and I had almost the whole day goose bumbs (do your write it like that?). And it's pretty strange, because it was a rather warm day. Am I becoming ill or something? I hope not. Only one week and two days left when I'm done with my internship! I'm counting the days haha. After tomorrow it's weekend and that means two days with entirely nothing! Oeh that makes me happy haha. I'm going to ask my dad if we can go to Amsterdam saturday. I really want to go to Episode. I just love that store. And not to forget Laura Dolls!
I really love this cardigan. It's a little bit to big, but oh so warm!
To bad it's to warm lately to wear it.
Cardigan, Cheap Monday
Dress, Bruuns Bazaar
Tights, H&M
Gladiatorheels, New Look


runway today said...

leuke outfit! Mooie kleur dat paars, leuke schoenen en dat vest ziet er heel fijn uit!

Chantal Noa le Fèvre en Jermo Haagedoorn said...

leuke blog