Thursday, May 1, 2008



I'm Sam, a 16 year old girl from Amersfoort and Bussum, Holland. I said Amersfoort and Bussum because my parents are divorced. I study Fashion and Clothing in Hilversum and I love it. But I'm only in the first year.
I really love to shop, but I don't always have the money for it and my budget isn't that big.. So sometimes I'm shopping with my dad and mostly he's sweet for me then.
I really get inspired by a lot of bloggers here on the internet. There are so much girls with a great sense of style and they often make me jealous haha.
I really love to shop in Utrecht, Amsterdam and on the internet. I really love vintage shops. Mostly they have the one of a kind dresses and I like that. When I'm in Utrecht I always go to Image, Elaganza or the H&M Divided. At least I go there when I saved some money. And in Amsterdam I always go to the Fornarina Store. I have a little addiction to that brand. I know, not good haha.
But I'm gonna keep you up with my outfits, my wannahave's and a lot more.
Hope you're going to like it!


isabelle said...

Hi, really like your style! keep up the good work! :D



Lizzie Lo said...

whoa i went head to toe... well last-to-first post!!! loved the shoe collection!!! DROOL!!!