Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My dilemma of the day. Which shoes to wear! This is like real bad.. Isn't it? 74 pairs of shoes and still not knowing which one to wear. Or is that just the problem? Having to much shoes. Can a woman have to much shoes actually? Because after my opinion it isn't possible. But today it didn't matter anyway. Had to work.. So that means flat shoes. And I just heard that I've to work a week longer! Yay.. Not. That kinda ruined my day. Good that the day is almost over haha. But back to the problem. Which shoes? I couldn't choose between my Prada's and the ones from New Look. So I made pictures with both the shoes, so you could choose for me maybe? Sorry for bothering you with this. But I just can't choose which one looks better.. Yes, I know it's an awful problem haha.

Shoes, Prada

Shoes, New Look

Cardigan, H&M
Hat, H&M
Necklace, WE
Skirt as dress, selfmade
Leggin, Cora Kemperman


Times of Glory said...

Darling, a girl never has too shoes or too many handbags... I always facing my wardrobe and have a long pause on what to wear!

Both pairs are lovely, but I would go for Prada one, since it is gives a softer touch to the clothing you are wearing!

I love the other pair, but I guess it will be better to wear them without jeans to show off the ankle straps completely :O)

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

The Prada Shoes!

Anonymous said...

The New Line Shoes!

Anonymous said...

Prada, zekerweten.

Sam said...

Okay, after reading your opinions I'm going to choose for the Prada's haha. Thanks for giving your opinions ^^

runway today said...

vind eigenlijk beide paren goed staan erbij! ;-) schiet je ook niet veel mee op he!

Anonymous said...

the ones from new look!