Thursday, July 3, 2008

Early birthdaypresent

I went shopping with Jasper today. He was in a desperately need of new clothes. After we had found a bunch of clothes for him, I really wanted to look at a store called 'Vanilia'. They have just beautiful dresses. I looked around and I found a really adorable denim dress. And in sale. That's always nice. I tried the dress on and it fitted just.. Perfect actually. But I'm going to shop in Amsterdam tomorrow, so that bottherd me a little. After a bit of thinking I choose not to buy it. Only Jasper wanted to buy it for me! I just didn't wanted that. He said it was an early birthday present. Even that didn't worked, I kept saying no. At the end he persuade me. Bad bad Jasper, but oh so sweet Jasper. Thank you so much for the dress!

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Anonymous said...

Really cute!