Friday, July 18, 2008

Finally there

We are finally in Italy! And I have no clue how this keyboard works. But it rained when we arrived here, but now it is beautiful weather. Well, it is dark now, but that doesnt matter haha. Tomorrow should be a warm day without rain. Lets hope so. Now I am going to sleep, because I am really tired of the road trip. I do not think I am going to post a lot, because of this annoying keyboard. Hope you all have a wonderful summer!


Anonymous said...

Have fun in Italy! And I hope you make loads of pictures, because I'm really curious about the city. :D

Imelda said...

Geniet van Italië! Ikhoop dat er toch nog een paar post komen :)

uneventriΔngle said...

oee je hebt een leuke blog!