Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Follow me

Geez, it keeps raining here. Last week it was waaaay to warm and now it's non-stop raining. I do like the rain, especially when I'm at home and in my room. I sleep at the attic so you can hear it really good. But enough about that. At thursday Jasper comes over and we're going to play Mariokart at the gamecube. And my mom is going to join us then haha. That's going to be something. Mostly I'm in the lead with Mariokart, but who knows this time, that I'm gonna lose. So now my mom and I are going to practice! I haven't played it since years.

Yes, the skirts says 'follow me'

Cardigan, Vanillia (Since I have it, I'm practically living in it)
Shirts, American Vintage
Skirt, Fornarina
Waistbelt, vintage
Tights, H&M
Peeptoe's, Marc by Marc Jacobs


Eli said...

I have the shirt that says follow me,but this skirt is absolutely stunning and it looks so beautiful on you!!

Imelda said...

Leuke outfit!
De rok is echt leuk!

kwinst said...

de rok is super!