Saturday, July 12, 2008

Some shopping on my own

In a post before this one, I told you about my Dsquared shoes. After those I did some shopping on my own. I know, it's kinda bad after getting amazing shoes from your dad. But I saw these cute ankleboots of Fornarina and I've seen them before. I just had to have them. I think you know the feeling when you just had to have something. I also bought some other things. Oeps.. I should really stop buying so many things. It's a disease! Is there a cure for this?

The cute ankleboots of Fornarina I just had to have.

Here are the other things I bought. Everything from Fornarina.

I tried to shop in the sale, but I always end up with things from the new collection. Accept from the pencil skirt. I've been wanting that skirt for so long. A couple of months ago, I think it was january, I had it in my hands, but I thought 'When am I ever going to wear a skirt?'. Well, 2 months later I'm starting to buy and make a lot of skirts. But somewhere I'm glad I didn't buy it that time, because now it was a bit cheaper haha.


AlicePleasance said...

I own a lot of Fornarina items, both shoes and clothes. It helps I live not so far from the factory and the main outlet... ;-)

Cammila said...

Adorable boots! Who can resist shiny purple ankle boots? Can't wait to see how you wear them. :)

Eli said...

oh my gosh how beautiful they are!!! when I was still working there they had these in a pump version but we never saw the boots. the US stores never get the really cool things!

Imelda said...

Wat een leuke aankopen! Echt, die laarsjes zijn super, ik kan geloven dat je ze echt wou hebben!
Je andere aankopen zijn ook mooi.
Jammer genoeg bestaat hier geen genezing voor, ik lijd er ook aan :)

Sam said...

I also own a lot of Fornarina. I think the half of my clothingcloset existst out of that brand haha. And I wish I lived so near the factory and the main outlet. I have to travel about an hour for a little Fornarina store.

I have no idea who can't resist shiny purple ankle boots. But I know I can't and my dad also can't. But I have no idea how to wear them yet, but I'll come up with something soon.

Yes, they are beautiful! I think these shoes are the prettiest shoes I have from Fornarina. And too bad that the store you worked in didn't had these boots!

Dankje! Ben er ook verschrikkelijk blij mee. Vandaag al het jasje gedragen met de Dsquared schoeen. Misschien een beetje te bij elkaar, maar dat maakt me niet uit haha. En jammer dat hier geen genezing voor is, want ik heb het dringend nodig! Ik maak m'n moeder chagrijnig met deze ziekte haha.