Saturday, August 30, 2008

I can't make up an title for this post

As I'm still inspireless, I did know what to wear today. What a suprise. Only now I didn't know a title for this post. I'm on a roll. It was a hot day and what I was wearing wasn't really warm weather proof. But I hate to walk in only a dress and a pair of shoes. I did wore my tights, but after an hour I didn't wore my blazer anymore. Since I have it, it's the only thing I want to wear. See how inspireless I am! My dad and I went to the cd store and I bought two cd's. From The Ting Tings and from Alphabeat. I've seen The Ting Tings at Lowlands, they were really good. I also went to the fabric store and bought 3 new fabrics. And I heard that they're going to close! That's just really bad news.. It's my favorite fabric store and they aren't expensive. And they have lots of cute fabrics that I want to have. So that was a dark cloud above my day. But what can you do about it? Nothing I'm afraid. We also got some sushi and that's about it.

Blazer, Steps
Dress, Vanessa Bruno
Waistbelt, vintage
Tights, Wolford
Gladiator heels, New Look

And because of the warm weather, I ate some icecream. There goes my I'm-going-to-eat-only-healty-idea.


Stephanie said...

You are so pretty - I love those tights!

Imelda said...

Je ziet er geweldig uit! Ik vind je outfit heel mooi, ookal wist je niet wat aan te doen, toch heel geslaagd!

Irene said...

Wow ik heb een crush op het jurkje.

Sam said...

@ Stephanie
Aah thank you! ^^ And I also love my tights haha. They're my favorites at the moment.

Dankje! Ik wist wel wat ik aan kon doen gister, maar ik was weer inspiratieloos als het op een postitel aan kwam hehe

Mja, je bent niet de enige haha

WendyB said...

Great tights!

Martine said...

Ik zie dat je nederlands bent :p
Ik vind je blog erg leuk ^^