Friday, January 30, 2009

Take your jealous heart and cast it into stone

At first, sorry if you think this will be a complaining post, but I just have to get this out of my system.

People always, and especially in The Netherlands, have to say their opinions. If they know you or not. That was a reason a couple of years ago, that I was afraid to dress the way I wanted. Now 2 years later I'm not having that problem anymore. Gladly. I'm the person who I want to be, I dress how I want to and I'm proud of myself with what I already reached. It isn't much yet, but I'm proud of it. And I think that's important. That you can be proud of yourself and that you can be you. And I know that everyone will keep their opinions and they might change or not, but sometimes you just have to know when to say it or not. You can ruin someone's happyness with them. The way who someone wants to be. And I hate that. The girls and boys who all look the same, make fun of the one's that are not looking the same. And not all of them are doing that! But a lot are. And why? Because they're jealous that they don't have the guts to do it? Or just because they really think they look ridiculous? My parents always said to me that the people who are doing that are jealous. And maybe they are and maybe they're not. That's something I'll never know, but that subject keeps popping up in my head and I keep repeating the same question. WHY!?

Or the people who think it's ridiculous I have so many expensive shoes and buy them. You can have that opinion, that's okay with me. But don't try to bring me more sense or so. That's not necessary. My parents can do that. I can get really irritated by that. And I'm sorry if I'm bitchy about it, that's not my intention. But it's up to me if I want to buy it or not. It's my money, my choice. And it's also up to me if I want to except a gift from my dad or not. I'm always happy with what he gives me. If it's a movie, a book or a pair of gorgeous shoes. I'm a movie-addict, a book-aholic and a shoe-obsessed person. And thankfull to my dad! As long I'm not going to act as a spoiled brat, like the girls and boys do in 'My sweet 16'! And with what I hear from my friends and boyfriend is that I'm a sweet girl and totally not acting as a spoiled brat. My boyfriend is even suprised I'm not acting like that! One time he even said to me: "if I would get all the things you get, I already would have acted like a spoiled brat".

Again, sorry for my complaining. I just had to throw it out. And another sorry for if I acted bitchie, that really wasn't my intention. Only sometimes I just have to say things and then I don't care how I say it. Now I'm kind of contradicting myself, but what does it matter? It's out of my system and that's important! Now I'm only hoping that not everyone thinks I'm a total bitch right now! Or an arrogant person, because that's one of the things I do mind. I don't mind what people think of what I look, but how they think of me, can still bother me... Have to get over that...

But now my outfit! This is an outfit from 30-12-2008. Today it's exactly a month ago I wore that haha. And today I'm wearing the same dress! Not the same outfit, though. And now I'm going to shut my mouth haha.
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And a little mistake. Which turned out pretty cool if I may say.
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Cardigan, Anna van Toor
Dress, H&M
Waistbelt, vintage
White dotted tights, H&M
Wedges, Stella McCartney
Headband, Bijou Brigitte
Necklace, gift
Broche, Bijou Brigitte

Now that I've posted this post, I'm a bit scared for the reactions... See, I told you I do care what people think of me! Haha.


Unknown said...

thx sweety for ur comment that is the first on mitica illustrations!!
Love this oufift!!!

Raquel said...

It's good to let it all out darling! don't worry cause this things actualy makes us grow up and be a good person. and, I don't think you are bitchy.

ps-love the cardigan.

fröken lila said...

thank you so much for your comment and the recommendation! i just got "he wood" for my boyfriend, so having the matching fragrance would be pretty cool...

What is Reality Anyway? said...

again, love it all! oh stell mccartney <3

little daisy chains. said...

great post!
I completely agree with you!
I think that EVERYBODY cares what people think of them, despite what they say.
I get scared of what people with think of me all the time and then I just remember that what they think doesn't matter- if I feel confident in what I'm wearing and confident that I'm a good person and I'm doing the right thing then I shouldn't change myself for anyone :)
I enjoyed reading this.

Ada [The Duchess] said...

I completely agree. I used to care what other people thought about the way I dressed, but now I don't give a damn. I love my vintage clothes, I love my boots, my shoes, and most of all my dresses. I wear what I like and I wear it with confidence. I too love where I am today. It's not what I've accomplished financially and career wise (not finished school yet), it's the growth on the inside. I find I get a lot more compliments now because I walk with love for myself. Cheers to you. You're very masture for someone your age. And you're looking for a career in fashion, of course you have to care abut how you look.

yiqin; said...

I am like you! I always tell myself not to get affected because we shouldnt live our lives according to what others think. But sometimes negatives comments do affect me :/ ohwell. Great post! don't let those people get you down okay! People hate you cause they hate themselves <3

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

I think it is common of everyone to care what others think, if even just a little bit. It's important to let it all out sometimes - no harm in that! :)

I love this outfit! The buttons on your cardigan & the brooch are very, very pretty! :)

Unknown said...

Don't worry! I've seen many posts on the blogosphere which echo your sentiments. I've done a couple myself. For me, I hate it when people comment on my "extensive" wardrobe. They don't do it as an observation, it's almost a criticism. My reaction is to say "I know! Isn't it fabulous!" Really - how dare we spend our hard-earned money on ourselves?!?

Have a nice weekend, hun. You look gorgeous as always. Red is beautiful against your skin and hair!

Nathalie said...

Wat voor camera heb jij? :o

Yulan said...

Je hebt echt 100% gelijk. Wat jij doet, koopt of zegt zijn jouw keuzes en niemand hoeft daar moeilijk om te doen. Je komt niet over als een verwend meisje wie alles krijgt en mensen die dat wel zeggen zijn gewoon jaloers. Punt.
Liefs, PS: geweldige outfit!

Imelda said...

Ik denk ook dat al die commentaren van mensen komen die jaloers zijn hoor. Wie zou er niet jaloers zijn op zo een geweldige collectie schoenen?! ;)
en in deze post doe je helemaal niet bitchie, het kan zelfs goed doen om zo iets te posten. Dan ben je erna weer opgelucht en weten de mensen over wie het gaat dat ze slecht bezig zijn!
Leuke outfit trouwens, die broche is zo schattig! en het lijkt wel of die Stella schoenen bij elke outfit passen! Echt een van de mooiste paar schoenen dat ik al ooit gezien heb!

Anonymous said...

Je hebt helemaal gelijk! ik durf soms ook niet aan te trekken wat ik wil omdat ik bang bent voor de reacties, maar dit inspireert me gewoon om het toch te doen! en je doet helemaal niet bitchy ofzo, iedereen zou toch tzelfde doen in jou plaats als hij/zij ook zoveel schoenen kon kopen?

Anonymous said...

Je hebt echt gelijk! En je komt echt niet bitchie over! Je legt mensen uit hoe je bent, dat is toch positief?Die mensen die zo zeuren zijn inderdaad jaloers!Daar heb ik ook veel alst van gehad. Ik kleedde me vroeger altijd anders als de niet meer omdat ik egwoon geen zin had in al die reacties..maar ja.. langzaam verander ik mijn kleding kast ook:), i don't wanna care about people and their opinions:)..

Ik vind het echt tof dat je vader dat allemaal wil geven enzo..Ik weet zeker dat alle vaders dat zouden doen bij hun dochters als ze genoeg te besteden hebben..en zelfs als ze dat neit hebbe doen ze het meestal nog, toch?

Je outfit vind ik echt mooi! Ik zou die stella's ok wel willen hebben!Ik zie ze zooo vaak langskomen he:)..

heleen said...

Haha, Nederlanders zijn inderdaad niet bang om te zeggen wat ze denken! Ik vind het soms een beetje beangstigend eigelijk, Belgen lijken me veel discreter (wat het "beste" van die twee is, laat ik in het midden).

Waarom iemand in godsnaam een negatieve opmerking op jouw stijl zou kunnen geven, daar kan ik echter echt niet bij. Je kleedt je fantastisch!

Rocío Lafuente said...

Nice outfit!! I love the dress and the tights!!

Nemerae said...

I absolutely love your whole outfit!!!! *.*

Emy Augustus said...

great post.
it's not always a bad thing to be "bitchy"

Melmo Momoko said...

you are so cute ;)
and I have to agree with you! i have the same problem i live in a small town and if you don't wear jeans with a normal shirt, everybody is starring at you and that's terrible. I like being different. But it's difficult to be so self-confident to do this...
(even one of my best friends said that I look like a snowman in my last outfit and that's really really bad) But whatever I don't want to be "normal" ;)

you look so good in this outfit love the black and red and it's perfect going with you haircolour! really awesome!


Anonymous said...

Hee Sam!

Mooie outfit, ik vind je schoenen geweldig. Die laatste foto is inderdaad heel cool.

Ik durfde vroeger ook niet te dragen wat ik wou, ik was altijd bang dat anderen het niet mooi vonden. Nu boeit het me niet meer. Ik draag gewoon wat ik wil en zoals jij al zei: daar ben ik trots op! Het maakt mij niet uit wat mensen van mijn kleren vinden. Ik weet zeker dat er nog een heleboel mensen zijn die niet durfen te dragen wat zij willen omdat anderen het niet mooi vinden. Belachelijk toch?

Prettig weekend,

Unknown said...

Superoutfit :) ik heb een requestje.. ik weet niet of je het wil doen hoor, maar of je je schoenencollectie wil posten.. ;) dat zal misschien heel lang duren, maar ik vind het altijd zo leuk om mensen hun schoenen te zien.. haha :p (en de meesten heb ik misschien al gezien maar zo'n plaatje met mensen omringd door hun schoenen is heaven :l) x.

Anonymous said...

Hee, ik heb je getagged! Neem hier maar eens een kijkje! Voel je vrij om dit te voortzetten of niet.
xx Rebecca

Anonymous said...

I love your playful and girly style - awesome :).

Julia mode said...

Thanks sweetie for your comment ;)
i LOVE your shoes WAOUH !! ;)

Anonymous said...

Love de outfit!
en een cute panty by the way

en over dat tekstje ervoor,
soms moet je het gewoon even kwijt dat heeft iedereen!
en ik vind het knap dat je het durft! zelf twijfel ik altijd super hard "staat dit hier op of niet?"

Frances Davison said...

gah, i love your hair.

Buchfresserchen said...

Your outfit is lovely! :)

I agree with you and you are not bitchy at all. It's your right to be annoyed about such people. I can't understand why they make such comments about someone elese's clothes. I think a lot of them really are jealous, because they don't have the guts to stick out of the crowd and get all that attention - because they are different - themselves.

It's no ones business how you spend your money anyway - they should shut up and get a life! ;)


carocream said...

that last photo is amazing, all the others also off course. I have got the same tights and i love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Ik heb eigenlijk nooit echt standaard kleding gedragen. Nu vinden de meeste menesn het mooi (of zeggen er gewoon niets over), maar eerst zeiden wel eens -vooral-jongens er wat over maar dat waren vooral mensen waarbij ik dacht 'I couldn't care less.'
En hele leuke outfit, I love your shoes!

Mustafa Şenalp said...

çok güzel site.:)

Anonymous said...

I totally understand you. You're not acting bitchy at all.
Like the outfit!
Loving the wedges.

Maria said...

Thank you so much for your nice comment!! I love your outfit btw, and I love those tights!! and the shoes. Have a nice weekend!!
PS: They're jealous.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. I don't think you're spoiled or anything. I am totally like you. I used to be scared about what other people thought, but now I'm still a little, but not as much because you really have to tell yourself "No one really pays much attention." And even if they do, ignore them. They'll probably forget about you within a couple a minutes and not care. Its totally and completely normal to care what people think about you; we're only human. When I see someone wearing a really unique, stand-outish outfit that's really cute, I admire them and think to myself,"I wish I could wear that." So maybe that's what they are thinking, maybe not. That's what I think, at least, but then again, I like people who are quirky, different, whereas other people do not. And the other people who do not are so fixated to being mainstream and are probably 100x more insecure than you are because they don't have the guts to be who they are. I also admire you for your outfits. As I stated in my post today, you truly are one of my all-time style inspirations. You have a girly, whimsical, European touch to all your outfits and my last bit of advice: just do what you're doing and forget about them. Hope I made you feel at least a little bit better!

Andrea Eames said...

I completely agree with you. I hope no one said anything like that to you on the blog - was it just 'real-life' people? You certainly don't come across as spoiled or materialistic at all. I get similar comments on the amount of clothes and shoes I own and buy, and it bothers me too. You're handling it well.

A xx

Chloe said...

I completely agree with you.

Lovely outfit

Emma B. said...

RE: And so do I!

Love the shoes... *Jalouse*
Your blog design is awesome, by the way ;)

Make Do Style said...

Honestly don't worry what people think it is pointless. You are right as long as you are comfortable and hapy with your friends and family - those who are jealous or mean spirited can be ignored.

Your photos are fab and it is lovely to have nice shoes so enjoy them, enjoy the fact your dad is very nice and keep going forward!!

It is also fine to whinge - that's what blogs are for... said...

Tights and brooch are fantastic! :)

xoxo: Janet

Siru said...

You look very chic. I think judging is what hurts and isn't ok if it's not the nearest and dearest.

juliet xxx

miss large said...

Last picture is awesome! Great blog.

Rosanna said...

you look really cute :) love your shoes!


x said...

Wow...I love your outfit....and the shoes are fab.....;-)

Anonymous said...

Goed geschreven!!
En net als veel bovenstaanden al zeggen: ik ben het helemaal met je eens!

En weet je, ik ben echt mega jaloers op jou. Jij hebt altijd van die supermooie kleding, schoenen, alles! Gaat regelmatig shoppen in Amsterdam (i loooooooooooove Amsterdam, maar woon er te ver vandaan) krijgt van je vader vaak schoenen (kreeg ik dat maar ;))
In ieder geval; ik wou dat ik zo'n toffe kledingstijl had als jij! :)

You go girl!

Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

i HATE jealousy can be sooo cruel! good on you for getting that off your chest.

I LOVE MOVIES too!!! :) xxx xlM

Ais said...

hee sam, ik lees al een hele poos je blog en ik kijk voortdurend mijn ogen uit bij je foto's. Hoe je elke keer weer die outfits in elkaar flanst vind ik fantastisch. Daarbij vind ik je een onwijs gave lefgozer dat je het allemaal maar gewoon draagt en je niks aantrekt van wat mensen zeggen. En als ze dn toch wat zeggen, is het heel begrijpelijk dat het af en toe even je neus uit komt.

Ga zo door met al die kleertjes en dingetjes het staat je allemaal beeldig : )

xx liefs

Strawberry Fields said...

its good to admit your faults but i think you are lovely!

gorgoeous clothes as always darling. i want your hair, its beyond cute xxx

Alice X said...

i love your rant:) it makes me feel better because everytime i walk out on the street, i get too many weird looks about my clothes. screw conformity and i love your hair:)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, yours is awesome! Love the look and well as this ENTIRE outfit =)

Jennifer said...

hmzs zoiets heb ik ook gehad, ik ben door de jaren heen al "vanalles geweest van gothic tot skater mensen hebben dat altijd wat te zeiken.. enigste wanneer ze niet zeiken is als je huppelkutje ben.. echt irritand. Gelukkig heb ik er nu geen last meer van, alleen soms op mn blog nog maargoed..

maar ik ben echt jaloers op je schoenen collectie!!

Sam said...

Really!! Thank you all SO MUCH! So so so much! All or your comments made me smile, made me happy, made me feel relieved. I'm really glad that you all didn't think I'm acting bitcie or that I'm a bitch. Really thank you all so much! I can't believe that I have such sweet, kind and amazing readers! Never thought in my wildest dreams that everyone would react this positive!

Toni said...

don't be sorry for the things you do! that's crap if people try to tell you what you should and shouldn't buy/do. everyone has their vices, whether it be dresses, shoes, accessories, or purses. you happen to like shoes. i happen to like clothes, so i buy a lot of them.

people that think it's not, are just trying to make you feel bad when they're the ones who have the problem. and i bet it was an anonymous comment too? evil stalkers!

but i love your style and i would never complain about you! have a great day!! :)

Daphne said...

Die schoenen heeft mary kate olsen ook aan op zo'n fotoshoott (: