Sunday, January 4, 2009

Vintage shopping in Amsterdam (and other purchases)

I went to Amsterdam yesterday with the boyfriend. And I must say that I had a really good time! It really was one of the best days of this holiday. Together with the weekend that I spended with Evi.

About 12 o'clock in the afternoon we went to Amsterdam. We went by train. And the first train didn't showed up. So we had 2 choices. To go with the buss to Amersfoort central or wait for half an hour in the freezing cold for the next train. We went for option 1. When we arrived at Amersfoort Central it was 12:30. We missed our train to Amsterdam. We waited again for half an hour for the train and we were there at 13:00. We walked a lot and we even got lost... I got lost in Amsterdam. Unbelieveble. We went to some vintage shops and we even found a new one! Well, new to us. Which we really liked it. We also went to the Bijenkorf (where I bought new shoes. You really could predict that) to eat something. But in the end I bought a lot.
Here are my new purchases

Everything is vintage

New heels (again shoes) from Bally

New tights from River Island. Flowers!!

And here are some new things I bought over the past 2 weeks
4 'new' vintage dresses

And a new cardigan, some hair accessories and a broche


Frances Davison said...

Those tights are brilliant!

chelsea said...

oooooo Ilove it all! Those shoes are amazing and I really like the green sweater and white dress.

Lunemoiselle said...

Oh my, looks like you had a productive day! I'm totally in love with your Bally shoes, and I think you have a great eye for vintage goodies as well. I agree with Dearilou, that green sweater with the red belt is supercute. And gotta love all the headbands... Wish they didn't give me such a head ache, because I love their cute style!

Oh and thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

beckylou said...

ik weet niet waar ik moet beginnen, echt alles wat je gekocht hebt is zoooooo mooi
vooral de twee middelste 'nieuwe' vintage kleedjes, zo lief en schattig!
en de kousen zijn perfect!
oh en ik heb je getagt, of heb ik dat al gezegd?
ik ben het vergeten :D

Blauwe sokken said...

Ooooh wauw waar haal jij die mooie haar accesoires toch vandaan!?

Ben heel benieuwd hoe je nieuwe aankopen je staan! (Vast geweldig haha! ;))

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

Ooh, great stuff! :)

Anonymous said...

Die broche is geweldig!!
Vind je jurkjes ook heel leuk!
Mooie aankopen, hoor.

xx Rebecca

Anonymous said...

Oh, misschien moet ik ook eens naar Amsterdam gaan om te shoppen.
Dit zijn echt allemaal leuke kleren! :D

Gedankenlos said...

i love all these buys!!!

Katja Cintja said...

so beautiful things..

Anonymous said...

aan-foto's!! :D :D

Super hoor! Vooral die laatste roos is echt mooi!