Thursday, January 8, 2009

When bows and flowers are together, everything is ok

Busy, busy week! Incredibly busy. I had to this and I had to do that. And everything for school. Yesterday evening I was busy to make a 'testing dress'. To see if my patterns are correct. It had to be finished today and I made it! And tuesday evening I studied the whole intire evening! For an English test. I did got a 10! And I deserved it, if I might say. Today I got also some good marks. Even though I'm stressing a lot with school, but I am glad that I can do it. That I'm not having the urge to drop out. Some girls in my class do have that. In my first year we started with about 43 students in one class. There were 2 classes and about 90 students. In the end we had 20! Isn't that ridiculous?! And this year 2 girls also already stopped. Let's see how many are left at the end of this schoolyear!

This was my outfit from last monday. I was freezing, when I took the pictures! I constantly walked inside and out. Just to warm up a bit. It's even so cold, that we have nature ice! We can skate on ice! It was about 8 or 9 years ago that we could do that. The winters sucked here. I love the really cold winters.
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Scarf, Dept
Cardigan, H&M
Dress, vintage
Tights, River Island
Cherry necklace, Ilovevintage
Heels, Bally

28 comments: said...

Hi Sam,

OMG! I love your floral tights and Bally sandal!

xoxo: Janet

jimena said...

i like the tights ... :)
here is so hot, i miss winter cuz one can wear more clothes... but now i feel like wearing nothing
greetings from peru

Anonymous said... the little appearances your pets (which i'm assuming they're yours) made in this post. so cute :) and i love cold winters too. i wish i could go skating, but alas...

Yulan said...

die panty is geweldig!

Anonymous said...

was je vijver[is een vijver toch?:p] ook bevroren?? hier [ in het zuiden ligt de sneeuw echt heel dik nog.. leuke outfit:D [wannneer niet?]

Sam said...

@ Janettaylor
Haha, I also love my floral tights! They're amazing, just like my shoes!

@ Polson Mary
Thanks! I also don't like it when it's so hot. I prefer layering

Jep, the cat and dog are my pets! The cat is a bit creepy, though.

@ Yulan

@ Anoniem
Jep, de vijver is hartstikke bevroren! Kon er zelfs op staan! Al was dat een beetje eng... Ik wou dat wij wat meer sneeuw hadden. Het is steeds maar een heel klein laagje. En dankje! ^^ Ik heb vaak genoeg baggere outfits hoor hehe. Die post ik alleen niet

Anonymous said...

The tights look excellent!

Jennifer said...

je pantys zijn echt super!
bij jullie ligt echt weinig sneeuw, hier ligt echt super veel!

Kim said...

Dankjewel! Eh ik weet niet wat voor Sony je hebt, er staat op het instructie briefje wel en aantal camera's waar ie op werkt, bij Sony; A100 en A700. Maar hij doet het vast ook wel op meer (mijn camera staat ook niet bij het rijtje Nikon maar hij doet het toch) Het is heel echt heel handig ja!

Haha nee heb 't niet zo snel koud (draag natuurlijk wel een jas verder buiten)

Leuke outfit / wat 'n sweeeeety!

Anonymous said...

Wow, die panty is geweldig! Je hele outfit, trouwens!

Prettig weekend!

xx Rebecca

Andrea Eames said...

Love your tights!

Nia said...

love the tights! the heels look great with them!

Fashion Addict said...

That's insane how many of the girls at your school drop! I'm glad that you're the type that never gives up and keeps working hard! Loved the outfit by the way.

ashley said...

what an adorable little you!
love your style. Bows and flowers are the best!

Anonymous said...

Ur cat is cute! And you too!

Ester | Bluedale said...

your tights are very original!! and i love your shoes!

thanks for visiting my blog! ;)

chelsea said...

Lovely tights.

Raquel said...

oh cute outfit, especially the dress! gorgeous!

Justine said...

Great hair
and shoes.

And I agree with you about the religion thing.
People SHOULD be religious because they want to be.
nothing more, nothing less.


Justine said...

and your english was superb! haha

Maria said...

Thank you a lot for your comment! I recently discovered your blog and I really like it, btw, I love those tights and that lovely dress, are the dog and the cat yours? Hope you have a great weekend. Greetings.

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

Your tights are so pretty! :)

Ooh, a red coat does sound like a perfect purchase!

C.Elizabeth and Natalia said...

a lovely blog, Sam! and the photos are so nice! :)


Ariella said...

You are such a wonderful girl, Sam. And I really admire you for your talent in sewing and dress making. I need to learn it :/

I love those floral tights! Cute cat.

yiqin; said...

Ohmy, wow. Your flower tights are to die for! River Island is so expensive in Singapore though :(

SOS! said...

I love the tights! Hmm they don't have them in the river island here...
xx-LJ from SOS!

Baybay Mama said...

I love those tights! Amazing!
Great blog,
xo, d-

jaleh behtash said...

this is so cute! the tights really make the outfit.