Sunday, May 11, 2008


It was a nice warm sunday. When I woke up, I immediatly turned on the fan, because it was so hot in here. I went out for lunch with my dad and grandmother at the 'Kolonie'. I really like it there. The atmosphere is nice. I had a sandwich and my dad had a huge salade. It was really big. We were sitting inside, because outside was just way to warm. After that we went to my grandmothers home. I really want to live there. It's so adorable. With a big bookcase, which I really want to have. So we were sitting there, chatting and drinking a cup of tea. When we had tea, we decided it was time for a icecream, so we went to the ice-cream parlour. And now I just went touring through 'Het Gooi' with my dad. And while we were driving, we drove trough the forrest. Ofcourse on a path of stone. And while we were driving, we came by a big field of flowers. It was so beautiftul!! So so so bad I didn't had my camera with me.. And because of the really nice weather, I just had to wear my new dress.

I really had a nice day and tomorrow I have a day off! So I can do and wear what I want.

Dress, Fornarina
Necklace, We
Shoes, New Look


Aisha said...

I'm reaaaaaaaaally into florals now!
lovely dress.

Eli said...

well, the fornarina florals work really well for you!

Sam said...

@ Aisha
I'm also really into florals right now, I really adore them!

@ Eli
Thank you!