Saturday, May 10, 2008

Like oh my gosh!

So finally!! Weekend!! I think I've never been this happy for having my weekend haha. And now it's saturday, so I really had to go shopping. I just had to! I couldn't resist it, especially after two weeks seeing other people shopping. So me and my dad went to Utrecht. My dad was really really really nice to me. I can continue saying really, because it was actually to much what he did. But.. He gave me 2 pairs of shoes, and they weren't cheap.. I mean just NOT cheap.. He gave me Prada shoes and Miu Miu's. I couldn't stop thinking 'Oh my god, OH MY GOD!!'. And after that we went to a clothing store and he gave me another Fornarina dress. So I was really speechless. Like what did I deserve it for? I didn't do anything special. But that's besides the point. I think. But I'm soooo happy with it! I can't stop staring at my shoes. And the dress I'm already wearng. It's so adorable, with little roses on it. It has a little vintage look. Maybe that's why I like it so much.

But for the rest was it a really hot day. About 27 degrees. It's rather nice I must say. It's so summery. I immediatly took some pics in the backyard at my dad's. I hope it's going to stay warm for a while.

Dress, Fornarina

Some flowers and a huge plant

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Inderdaad een hele lieve jurk!