Thursday, May 15, 2008

With the party shoes?

I just had to wear my new Miu Miu's, but there's just one problem. They're more party shoes than daily life shoes. That's a shame. But I tried to find a good combination with them, so I can also wear them normally. And I think I did it. A green army-ish trousers, that stops just over the knees, a black shirt and a cute and a little formal blouse. After my opinion it's a good combination with the shoes. I prefer wearing a dress, but that made it way to chic and I just wasn't into that. Normally I also don't wear jeans or trousers. Unless I feel like it haha.

Blouse, Fornarina
Shirt, H&M
Trousers, 10 feet
Necklace, can't remember..
Bag, can't remember
Shoes, Miu Miu


Cait said...

Beautiful..but I'm not sure I'd want to spend an 8 hour day in them.

Have a good weekend.

saray said...

nice outfit :)


very nice blouse, fornarina has amazing stuff

runway today said...

Jaaa de miu miu's! Gewoon vaker dragen hoor ze zuhn zo prachtig!