Monday, May 5, 2008

Over the knee

It's warm again today and it will be warm for the rest of the week. So I'm a bit grumpy, because I have to work this whole week. And I can't wear my overknees! Because they're to warm and I love them so much. So I'm in a little dilemma over here. To wear or not to wear. What's it going to be. I'm kinda wondering if it looks ridiculus if I'm going to wear them with 24 degrees celcius outside.

(couple of hours later)

Okay, I didn't wore them today. I didn't wear the whole outfit. Instead of that I chose for something else. But! I do have some pictures of the outfit with the overknees. And I have some pictures from the outfit I did wore today.

What I wore today:
Shirt, American Vintage
Skirt, selfmade
Waistbelt, from another dress
Bag, Pepe Jeans
Peeptoe's, Mirror

With the overknees:
Shirt, American Vintage
Skirt, Fornarina
Waistbelt, from another dress
Grandpa cardigan, Topshop
Overknees, Bonnie Doon
Heeled gladiator sandals, New Look



mooie rok in de 1e pic! en die laatste schoenen zijn ook geweldig, heb je die in nederland gekocht?! want ik heb zulke bestelt omdat ik ze nérgens in de winkels kan vinden

renéesturme. said...

Mooie schoenen!