Sunday, June 1, 2008

A day on the town

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I was like really busy.
I woke up at about 9:30 am. I had a bad night, so I was still pretty tired. I immediatly went downstairs to ask me my mom, if me college had called me. Thank god he didn't. Yet. I've waited till about 11:30 am. Still no call, so no work for me! Yay! Right away I started to plan. What could I do on a saturday. Shopping was the first thing I thought of, but that wasn't really an option. Was it? I asked my mom if she wanted to go shopping with me. And she said yes, so I was really happy. But first I had to walk the dog and we had to do some messages. Walking the dog part isn't so bad. It's funny to see Odie run. He looks like a big rabbit when he's running. It's so funny to look at! And doing some messages.. It doesn't sound bad, but if you're with my mom, it certainly is haha. She kept forgetting the one thing after the other! Finally we had everything and we could go to the right place. The centre of Amersfoort. It isn't really a good place to shop, but we do have some good stores.

After a day shopping, I picked up a friend from her work and we went to my place. The day before yesterday she asked my if I wanted to join her to Hans Klok, because she had a ticket left. Since I was a little girl I was into illionists. How they do everything.. It really leaves me speechless. I found a short movie on Youtube to show the last trick he did last evening.

This was the outfit I was wearing yesterday. It isn't anything special in my opinion, but I do love the dress. It's so gorgeous.

Cardigan, H&M
Dress, Bruuns Bazaar
Tights, H&M
Gladiatorheels, New Look

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Times of Glory said...

I love the print and satin shine of the dress! It makes it very romantic! You look great teaming it with the jumper and chunky heels - easy, stylish and sweet!