Friday, June 20, 2008

Birthday outfit

Today a good friend of mine turned 17, so I went to her to celebrate it. I gave her 2 pigged shaped candles. They're so cute! I also have them. I'll make pictures of them some day. If I don't forget it.. My mind is crap lately. I forget everything! But now I'm beginning about something else. I went to a new school this year and I haven't seen my old classmates for about a year now and today I saw a couple of them again! We talked a lot and I was having a fun. Normally I hate birthdays, but I thought this one was really fun. With some girls we decided to go on winter sports vacation in the end of next year. I hope no one's going to forget it haha. And sorry that the pictures are vague. I couldn't make better ones.

Cardigan, H&M
Scarf, vintage
Skirt as top, selfmade
Waistbelt, vintage
Jeans, Cheap Monday
Pumps, vintage


Anonymous said...

no more hose this season????

Sam said...

No more what this season?

Fashionably collaborative thought box said...

what a lovely post! gorgeous shoes you have there! x

Bente said...

The candles sound cute. Were did you get them? Cute outfit, and I'm so in love with your haircut!

Sam said...

@ Owner of this space
Thank you!

@ D-andelion
Je mag ook Nederlands praten hoor haha. En ik heb de kaarsen uit een bloemenwinkeltje in Amersfoort. En dankje! Maar ik heb een hekel aan dat korte haar eerlijk gezegd haha. Ik wil het weer lang laten groeien

Anonymous said...