Saturday, June 7, 2008

New adds to the family

Everyday I just have to look on And so now and then I see something I really want. Well that happend to me four times this week. So I have two new pair pumps en two new dresses. Oeps. I know the excuses like:
  • I really needed new shoes! No, I have 74 pairs.
  • The summer is arriving and I'm in desperatly in need of some summer dresses. I wish.
  • I would regret it if I didn't bought them. True, but still not an excuse.
  • The money was burning in my pocket. So? Let it burn.

I couldn't make up more. Do you have some excuses why you buy something you don't need?

Spanish Night Dress

Drenched Navy Dress

Ovia Song Pumps

Sailor Moon Pumps


EvaAmarri said...

Hey Sam. Are you interested in a career in fashion design? If so then check my blog for info on a great contest coming uo.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean.
Well, I don't have as much clothes and shoes as you do, but I'm working my way up there. And it kills my mother, especially because I don't have a job, so it's kinda her money that's disappearing. XD