Sunday, June 8, 2008

Shopping in Amsterdam

I went yesterday to Amsterdam with my dad and I really wanted to go to Episode, because I'm dying to go there the past couple of months. My dad said it was okay to go there. Normally he doesn't like stores like that. He thinks it's to cheap. Well that's his opinion. I think that second hand clothing are just better than the clothes of these days. Well I do like some things from these days haha. But mostly those clothes are out of my range. To bad. But when I was at Episode I didn't know where to look haha. So when I found out where the dresses were, I immediatly went looking for some nice things. I found a bunch of dresses who were all cute. I also had to hurry because my dad is an impatient person, so I had to fit the dresses on in a high tempo. I think I picked out about 12 dresses. 5 fitted well. The dad wanted to pay very quikly, because he really wanted to go. I really gave him a big hug that he wanted to pay. I thought that I had to pay for myself.

After Episode we were walking around at the 'keizersgracht' and we walked past a store called 'Wella Warenhaus'. And the dresses that were standing in the show case were so gorgeous I had to look in the store it's self. I found a lot of dresses I adored. But a lot were to big. What a pitty. I found 6 dresses that were my size. I tried them on. And I couldn't choose. How smart. But I can't buy 6 dresses, because they weren't cheap. They're handmade and they're a one-of-a-kind. And my dad was so sweet to me! I was allowed to pick out 4! So it wasn't hard to choose. I don't have 2 dresses yet, because they're a bit to big. Even they're a size small. I can pick them up friday. I can't wait till I have them!

This is what I wore yesterday. I'll post later on the day the pictures of my new dresses.

Dress, H&M
Leggin, Cora Kemperman
Grape necklace, from my grandmother
Medaillon, can't remember
Bag, H&M
Boots, vintage

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