Saturday, June 7, 2008

Florar ruffles and hearted little cardigans

As I told earlier I went to a gig of Lostprophets and Seether and my best friend Evi went with me. It was her birthday present. And she told me that this was the best present she ever had, so happy me. But when we were in Amsterdam I wasn't glad with the top I was wearing. Okay, it was cute, but not what I wanted. And good for me, we got out of the tram next to the H&M Divided. I bought there a florar ruffled little dress. This was a really good purchase. This is a dress I'm going to wear a lot I think.

Dress, H&M Divided
The gig was over at 11:30 pm and it was to late to bring Evi home, because she lives about an hour driving from my house away. And we were in Amsterdam, so it was longer. We earlier agreed that she would sleep over at my house. The next day we went into town. I bought a little hearted cardigan of Fornarina and some heeled sandals at the H&M, who I was starring at the past couple of weeks but just didn't want to buy. But yesterday I did.

Cardigan, Fornarina

Heeled sandals, H&M

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Imelda said...

Die schoenen van de h&m zijn zo leuk he! Ik heb ze in het zwart en in het paars, ik heb zo ooknog in deze kleur willen kopen, maar heb me toch maar ingehouden. Nu ik ze op je blog zie, begin ik toch weer te twijfelen. De kleur is echt zo leuk he!