Monday, June 30, 2008

The movie marathon pictures

The beginning of our movie marathon.. I think we were a bit over enthusiastic..

Jasper, who is making himself comfortable.

Oh gosh, it was really to much haha.

Evi, who is wondering how we all gonna eat this.. I also wondered that.

The addiction of me and Evi.

Having fun? Haha.

I'm just gonna say nothing about that..

Evi: 'Aaah don't poke me!'
Jasper: 'I already did! Muahahaha!'

Yes, there was also pizza. Three of them. And this was what remained.
No, the candy and chips weren't lying on them first.

My poor dog..

She has a bit of a crush on him.

Two really good friends.

Yeaah! Let's play!




And there she went haha.

And now it's Jasper's turn.. Oh dear haha.

Odie's thought: 'What a bunch of lunatics'

Let's hope that they're not going to fall.

Jasper: 'Look what I can do!'

Let's don't do that again, please.

Evi: 'Do you really need to take a picture..?'
Sam: 'Yes.'

Me and my crazy friend Evi.

Just sitting there..

Jasper watching Odie.

Yes, she's sitting on a crocadile.

Odie and Jasper.


No comment.

Still no comment.

In an other playground.



ღ Mey ♥¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨♥ღ said...

uau, you´re so fun! i ate a lot this weekend too


kwinst said...

Hahah! Ben je niet misselijk geworden?
die speeltuin ziet er trouwens wel gaaf uit haha!

Always In Style said...

Mmmmm...cheese doodles...cute dog btw!

Times of Glory said...

How sweet! You really had a fun time! The pizza looks really funny and cute! And your lovely dog is truly adroable xx